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Emotional Jones motivated by Brown's support


Adam Jones says he's motivated by Mike Brown's support.

Adam Jones became so emotional talking about his boss Thursday that he had to fight back tears when it came to showing appreciation for Bengals president Mike Brown's support.

"Words can't explain. I can't explain. I'm just deep from my heart that I have somebody that understands me as a person and that's not quick to judge," said a teary Jones just before he broke from the media pack at his locker with, "See y'all."

On the day the Bengals reported to training camp at Paul Brown Stadium, an upbeat Jones reacted to his one-game suspension handed down last week by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with a pleasant seven-minute-media-give-and-take that has not always been the case this offseason.

"I take all accountability for what I did and my actions and my words," Jones said. "So I accept it, the one-game suspension. I'm ready to move on, man. I'm happy to be here, I'm happy to be part of the 50th season here. I think it's going to be special."

At Tuesday's media luncheon Brown lambasted Jones for the January incident at a downtown Cincinnati that got him arrested in a messy video, calling him an embarrassment for being publicly drunk and acting "like an ass." But Brown also said he admires Jones for his courage and draws inspiration from moving past his tough upbringing.

"I talk to him every day at practice," Jones said of his relationship with Brown. "There's not a day I don't run over there or he at least says, 'Hey,' to me as he's driving out (to practice). The respect and the love that I have for Mr. Brown is undeniable, words (can't) express the gratitude of how I feel about him."

Jones, who turns 34 the day before the Bengals' fourth game, is in the middle of a three-year deal paying him $24 million. He says he wants to play four more seasons and only has to look at the owner's box for his own inspiration.

"Motivation for me is through the roof," says Jones, who showed up in fighting trim at 182 pounds with three percent body fat. "When you have a guy upstairs that stands up for you that sticks up for the players -- I haven't been around a guy like that in my lifetime, speaking of Mr. Brown. So I'm very eager to be the best and make sure our group is the best.

"As you can see, it's a little touching for me. I'm very eager to lead by example and be the best that we can be because we've got a lot of talent here and a lot of young guys that can play a lot of good football, so I'm eager for the challenge to put the pressure on myself to lead the other guys to get better."


Cincinnati Bengals host Pre-Training Camp media luncheon at Paul Brown Stadium.

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