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Dhani tackles Everest

Dhani Jones, the Bengals middle linebacker who loves being in the middle of it all, takes on the Super Bowl of mountains this week when he attempts to climb Mount Everest.

It's the stunning 10th and last episode of the second season of his Travel Channel series Dhani Tackles The Globe, and it's not exactly a game at Mile High Stadium.

"It's four miles up. We're going to go about 23,000 feet, a mile short of the top," Jones said Friday. "If you're going to jump off a bridge, you don't want to start out jumping off the highest bridge. I'll get a taste and I'll be back."

Jones leaves Saturday for Nepal, spends the night, and then heads to Kathmandu to begin the three-week expedition. He knows there's some danger involved, but he's had experience climbing the mountain ranges in the Northeast United States and he's been on many mountain as an avid snowboarder.

"I'm excited and aware. That's what you have to be instead of scared about the dangers," Jones said. "The altitude adjustment is going to be a challenge, but you'll be breathing, taking it all in, and looking down at where you come from. No cell phone for three weeks, it will be great. I'll miss some things, but you guys will miss what I'm doing."

Jones has already shot in high altitude this season when he wrestled in Mexico City, where he also dabbled in bullfighting. The series starts in Italy on April 13, where he rode in a 123-mile bike race that featured a 10-percent grade during the first 23 miles.

So even though the Bengals offseason workout program starts March 29, it sounds like Jones is going to be in fairly decent shape, wouldn't you say? He'll be back at Paul Brown Stadium sometime in May.

One of the things he'll miss is teammate Chad Ochocinco's own TV miniseries when he debuts on ABC's Dancing With The Stars this coming Monday night.

"I think it's a great opportunity for Chad to show what he can do. Where he can break out and show all his talents. Everybody loves Dancing With The Stars," Jones said. "I won't be able to see it. Chad may be on Dancing With The Stars, but where I'm going you can't TiVo."

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