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Dalton ready to throw, but taking his time


Andy Dalton says he can do this, but he'll hold off on throwing a little bit longer.

If he wanted to, Andy Dalton says he can throw but he's going to hold off for the time being.

Which means if the Bengals made last Sunday's Super Bowl, his broken throwing thumb may have healed in time to take on the Panthers.  But any time before then probably would have been a close, dicey call.

"Not throwing yet because we are being very conservative with it," Dalton said in a text this week. "I feel like I can throw but no reason to push anything right now. I have plenty of time now to get 100 percent."

The Super Bowl marked the eighth week since Dalton broke his right thumb and missed the Bengals' last four games. He says he plans to attend Dr. Tom House's quarterbacks camp at USC for the third straight offseason, but no dates have been set.  Players may return to Paul Brown Stadium for off-season workouts April 18.

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