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Coslet: Dillon is OK


BALTIMORE _ Bengals coach Bruce Coslet said he has no problems with Corey Dillon after his Pro Bowl running back stormed off the field Sunday during the frustrating fourth quarter of the 37-0 loss here to the Ravens.

After Dillon got stuffed for a two-yard loss on the way to gaining just nine yards on 12 carries, he walked off the field as Coslet waved him back on the field.

But Coslet said the incident was nothing like some of the controversial on-field problems with former Bengals receiver Carl Pickens. Dillon missed one play and then returned to the game.

"Believe me, I have no problem with Corey Dillon," Coslet said. "He came up and hugged me in the locker room (after the game). It was no big deal. Corey has been terrific all year long. I told him, 'I'm trying to get you the ball anyway I can and I'll keep trying.' He's a competitor and there's nothing wrong with that."

Dillon declined to talk to the media after the game. But told the CBS-TV announcing crew of Gus Johnson and Brent Jones showed replays and reported the coach and Dillon exchanged words, Dillon said, "There was nothing. There were no words."

Dillon has said nothing near controversial since he ended his volatile three-week holdout during training camp by signing a one-year, $3 million deal. But after gaining just 82 yards on 41 carries this season for 2.6 yards below his career average, Dillon is clearly fuming inside.

"If I was him, I'd be doing the same thing," said fullback Clif Groce. "He's a running back and he's getting 50, 40 yards, whatever he's getting."

Told Dillon had nine yards Sunday, Groce's eyes widened.

"Nine yards?" Groce asked. "That's unacceptable. It's not like he's back there by himself. Nine yards for a Pro Bowl running back? A hard running back? That's unacceptable as a fullback and as an offensive line. That's unacceptable for an offense."

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