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Collins Makes Moving Opening Statement With Bengals: "Can't wait ... to move people out of the way"

La'el Collins.
La'el Collins.

New starting right tackle La'el Collins met the Bengals media for the first time in a Wednesday Zoom. The highlights:

On his physical style and how it translates to the Bengals:

"What I do best is I impose my will each and every play. Whether it is run, whether it is pass. End of the day, whoever I am going up against they are going to feel me. It's going to be a long day for them. That's just the mindset I carry and the way I play this game. It's the only way I know …

"It's more so getting out there and showing it, showing 'Who Dey Nation.' I can't wait to go into 'The Jungle' the first snap of the game and just come off the ball and move people out of the way."

On the Bengals wide receivers:

"When you put on the tape, you see those guys on the outside, the receivers, blocking downfield, and their sustaining blocks. Those runs can go from 6-,7-yard runs to a 30-, 40-, 50-yard run just because their blocking the guys on the outside, the only guys that can make the play. When you see receivers being all in like that as well that's even greater as an offensive lineman, because you know that those guys know that those blocks are critical just as the blocks inside the trenches."

On playing the Cowboys this season after he played his first seven seasons with them:

"I did not know that, but I'm excited even more now. Dallas that's been my home for the last seven years. That organization has been special to me, been great to me. It's no animosity. It's nothing but love. I'll be a Cowboy for the rest of my life. I gave them a lot. So, for me anything that's not orange and don't have those stripes on them when it comes game day, then at the end of the day if you're in the way, you've got to get moved out of the way. That's just the bottom line. It doesn't matter who it is; it doesn't matter where we're at; it doesn't matter what time we play. That's the mindset each and every week from me."

Collins, who blocked for an NFL rushing champion in Dallas in Zeke Elliott, on blocking for Bengals running back Joe Mixon:

"He is a physical back. He's one of those guys who runs downhill. He has great vision. He has great, great explosiveness once he hits the second level. I know as an offensive lineman anytime you've got a back like that anytime a run is called you want to make sure that he's able to get the read that he needs; that he's able to press the line of scrimmage the way he wants; that he's able to cut the ball back and keep the front side wherever he wants to go and you're giving him a two-way go on each and every run … I'm sure there's no DB in the league that wants to tackle that guy."

On working with new right guard Alex Cappa:

"We had a chance to visit. We were just talking about our favorite run plays. It just so happens we all like the same run plays. Alex and I talked about how we're going to fit into certain blocks. The only thing I need him to do is just stand a guy up and I'll move him. We're on the same page already about that. I can't wait to get into the first fit with him and just move people out of the way."

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