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Chad tops Thursday list

Posted: 2 a.m.

The conversion of NFL bad boy Chad Ochocinco to NFL statesman continued Thursday.

During the day on ESPN, Chad Ochocinco preached the gospel of Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. On Late Night with David Letterman, he played the good straight man as he delivered the host's iconic Top 10 list.

Such was the Bengals wide receiver's crazy-quilted Thursday in the New York area.

"No. 85 in your program, but No. 1 in your heart," said Letterman as he introduced The Ocho early in the show, saying he was "from your Cincinnati Bengals."

Ochocinco, wearing a suit jacket over his shirt, put his hand over his heart as he nodded at Letterman and gave the "Ten Revelations in Chad Ochocinco's Autobiography":

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, here is the list:

10. This book is all about my life as a hockey mom from Alaska.

9. I was once put on the disabled list when they found an ocho in my cinco.

8. During the season my QB Carson Palmer and I sleep in bunk beds.

7. I'm going to ask Tom Hanks to play me in the movie.

6. There's nothing like winding down after a big game with a Red Bull and a DVR of "Tyra."

5. I like tacos.

4. Brett Favre is so old, his Social Security Number is 1.

3. Terrell Owens doesn't like it when you criticize his teammate.

2. I'm planning a special touchdown celebration that involves pulling a dancing raccoon out of my pants.

1. I thank the Lord every day that I don't play for the Lions.

Letterman then came over to the camera to shake The Ocho's hand and wished him good luck the rest of the way. 

Hanks, the No. 7 revelation, was the next guest on the show. Lewis may not appreciate No. 1, given the Bengals play the Lions at Paul Brown Stadium Dec. 6.

But The Ocho was singing Lewis' praises on ESPN's SportsCenter earlier in the day, where he said he and the team have bought into the coach's program in their run for the AFC North title.

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