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Chad in regular-season form

Posted: 3:15 p.m.



It may be only preseason, but Chad Johnson is in midseason form with his vowels. He's antsy enough to call for the opening up of the offense and to tweak the Atlanta secondary in anticipation of Monday's game.

"We've been flat. We need to kick it in gear," Johnson said Thursday of a first-team offense that hasn't scored a touchdown yet in preseason. "We've got only one game left. This is the kick-it-in-gear game.

"I think we should open it up. We need to open it up," said Johnson, who has three catches for 55 yards in the two games. "We've done enough evaluating in Games 1 and 2 and we haven't touched the end zone yet."

But Johnson said he wouldn't lobby for the ball. He would, however, let it be known that he has sent each of the Atlanta defensive backs a copy of his book, Chad: I can't be stopped and he's expecting a package from Falcons offensive coordinator Hue Jackson, his receivers coach the previous three seasons.

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