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Chad goes interactive

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Posted: 8:25 p.m.



GEORGETOWN, Ky. - Call it Interactive Chad.

Chad Johnson isn't stopping at getting the Paul Brown Stadium crowd involved in his touchdown celebrations. He's going world-wide and if it breaks a Guinness world record for celebrations, he admits, "They might fine me Guinness-like."

Johnson unveiled his plans after Thursday's practice, which he began by huddling with the crew of NFL officials working a session dominated by special teams and this weekend's intrasqaud scrimmage and Mock Game.

"I just gave them a heads up for their fellow refs when they have their little meeting for the season to let them know I will continue to do my thing and if they'd like to join in at any point in time they can get some good recognition and some good TV time."

That would appear to be a violation of the NFL's new crackdown on celebrations aimed primarily at Johnson and Carolina's Steve Smith. Props, including the ball, are no longer allowed and a player can also be flagged for going to the ground or dancing too long or excessively.

But Johnson argues that the refs aren't props because "they're live. Props are things that are non-living. Refs are living."

Well, it's not going to happen, but Johnson has bigger designs, anyway. He certainly seems to have a more wordly view since his wardrobe this training camp has been straight out of World Cup soccer. On Thursday, it was a Brazil T-shirt as Johnson bids to be the NFL's answer to Pele.

"Since I can't use any props, how many fans does our stadium fit?" he asked.

Told 65,000-plus, he said, "I'm going to need their help throughout the year. Since I can't use props, I'll have them with props already and then they have to interact."

Johnson plans to communicate his plan to fans during the weekly Wednesday media session "and they'll have to catch on what I need them to do after each touchdown. It's going to be fun. I'm going to get the whole world involved. Interactive for everybody. ... I'm going to put on a show all year."

We'll see what the refs say. Johnson said they didn't warn him Thursday.

"They all laughed," he said. "So I think they're all for it."

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