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Brat: Change at the pass

With the addition of a starter in Antonio Bryant and two other veterans in the mix for a roster spot in Matt Jones and the newly-signed Chris Davis, Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski is looking at a different receiving corps.

Which is just as well because he says all the receivers are going to be looking a different passing game than the one they saw in their playbooks last year. Bratkowski says it isn't as massive as the overhaul he gave the running game last offseason, but it is significant as he tries to revive a pass offense that finished seventh from the bottom in the NFL rankings in yards per game.

"The players will notice the difference," Bratkowski said. "It's not as big as the changes we made in the running game last year, but the passing game is getting the same kind of attention we gave the running game in the offseason last year."

Bratkowski is banking on the same results for the pass. After the Bengals finished 29th in rushing in 2008, the retooled running game broke a franchise record with eight 100-yard games on the way to a No. 9 league ranking. He wouldn't be specific about the pass changes.

"We're looking to match our quarterback's strengths with our receivers in order to get bigger plays downfield," he said.

Bryant is making his first Cincinnati media appearance later Friday afternoon in a conference call.

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