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Bengals to begin pat-downs at 10/2 game vs. Houston

In order to further enhance fan safety, the NFL has mandated that everyone entering Paul Brown Stadium for Bengals games will be subject to hand searches. The NFL has instituted this mandate for all games, beginning in Cincinnati with the October 2 game against the Houston Texans.

"Pat-downs" will be conducted by representatives of Contemporary Services Corporation. CSC is the same security company that handles the Super Bowl. Pat-downs of women will be conducted by CSC females, and of men by CSC males. The pat-downs will take place at the contraband check-points that have been in place since the 2004 season at locations surrounding the stadium as fans enter the plaza area. The pat-downs at these check-points will begin four hours prior to kickoff. Gates to enter the stadium will continue to open ninety minutes prior to kickoff.

"Fans are encouraged to arrive early to help facilitate this additional security measure," said Eric Brown, Managing Director of Paul Brown Stadium. "All fans entering Paul Brown Stadium will be subject to and should expect to be patted down by security personnel before accessing the stadium plaza area."

Pat-downs of fans entering NFL stadiums have taken place on a frequent basis in recent years. Following discussion at a recent league meeting, Commissioner Paul Tagliabue and the NFL determined that these hand searches should be a required element of stadium security procedures at all NFL games.

"This new requirement is not a result of any specific threat information," said Commissioner Tagliabue. "It is in recognition of the significant additional security that pat-downs offer, as well as the favorable experience that our clubs and fans have had using pat-downs as part of a comprehensive stadium security plan."

Several NFL teams successfully used pat-downs as part of stadium security procedures last season. Hand searches of all fans entering stadiums also were employed during all NFL playoff games last season. Pat-downs at stadium gates have been part of the Super Bowl security plan since 2002.

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