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Bengals support community volunteers

As a part of their commitment to the Greater Cincinnati area, the Bengals and NFL Charities have teamed up to recognize organizations that stand out for their commitment to our community. The Bengals distributed $8,000 to eight area charities in recognition of their work in the Greater Cincinnati area.

"The Greater Cincinnati area is blessed with many charities that help make our community better," said Bengals executive vice-president Katie Blackburn. "Large or small, each one touches people in need. We are proud to be associated with these organizations and appreciate the work they do each and every day."

The organizations receiving the grants are:

  • Freestore/FoodBank -- $1,000 C.I.S.E. -- $1,000 Marvin Lewis Community Fund -- $1,000 Salvation Army of Cincinnati -- $1,000 Society of St. Vincent DePaul -- $1,000 American Heart Association -- $1,000 The United Way of Greater Cincinnati -- $1,000 The Greater Cincinnati Boys and Girls Clubs -- $1,000
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