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Bengals Response

The club recently received a media inquiry on the subject of season versus single-game ticket sales. A Charter Ownership Agreement holder complained that persons who did not buy COAs could now buy single-game tickets in the same section as the COA holder's season tickets. The COA holder felt it was unfair that these persons were getting a similar product without investing in a COA.

The Bengals regret any customer's disappointment, but a COA and season ticket include significantly more benefits than 10 single-game tickets. These benefits include permanent control of seat location, guaranteed renewal for playoffs and future seasons, seat location exchanges with other season ticket holders, and the option to sell the COA to anyone at any time.

The Bengals believe this concept is widely known and accepted in all major sports, and it is also widely accepted that when available, single-game tickets may be sold in sections that include season-ticket sales. Since season tickets and COAs are available in every zone of Paul Brown Stadium, taxpayers would otherwise be prohibited from buying tickets to a single game.

Seating upgrades for season ticket holders will be offered for the 2001 season, after fans have had the opportunity to experience their seats during the inaugural season.
It is the Bengals' goal to communicate effectively and courteously with all customers, and to whatever extent we may have failed to do so with this COA holder, we offer our apology.
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