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QB Carson Palmer on his elbow:** "I felt good all day. The offensive line played phenomenal. That's one of the best pass rushes there is and I didn't get touched until the last drive. You feel so bad for them because they've been working so hard under a lot of criticism. Under a lot of pressure.

"They come in and against DeMarcus Ware and Greg Ellis, two guys with double-digit sacks each year, it's amazing the way they played. To not be able to get those guys a win and give them the confidence they need and deserve after a game like that is tough."


Palmer on going deep:** "We need to do a better job of picking our shots, picking our times. I know (offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski) wants to go deep and now we're sitting 0-5, what have you got to lose? Might as well start taking more shots, try to get more big plays, try to score quick, get some easy, quick touchdowns."

RG Bobbie Williams on how the team responds to 0-5: "We go there (to New York) and play the Jets and get a win and get this thing off our backs. That's the way you respond. You come back and play football like we did today. Minus all the turnovers. We're doing good things. We're playing hard, but we've just got to get some breaks and stop the turnovers and once we do that we'll grow as a team and get to where we want to be, or at least start."


WR Chad Ocho Cinco on if he's frustrated for lack of the long ball:** "Am I frustrated? No. I don't have time to get frustrated. We're 0-5. Frustrated isn't going to get it done. I'm going to work. It's going to come. I keep saying it's going to come, but we'll keep responding."


WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh on his holding call that wiped out running back Chris Perry's touchdown that would have cut the Dallas lead to 17-10:** "It wasn't a hold. Chris Perry was in the end zone, (the official) looked at me and threw the flag. Then he looked at me in the third quarter and asked me, 'Did you hold him?' He was a nickelback ... I didn't grab him. He bounced off."

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