Bengals Linebackers Donate Tickets


Odell Thurman takes time to sign an autograph for one of the Most Valuable Kids. (photo courtesy Game Day Communications)

A group of underprivileged kids will get their holiday wish to see the Bengals play on December 24 against the Buffalo Bills thanks to the Bengals linebackers and Most Valuable Kids (MVK). Bengals linebackers coach Ricky Hunley, an MVK Advisory Board member, organized the linebackers to donate 28 tickets to the game.

The children also got to meet the players. They were invited to attend Thursday's practice and then meet the players who donated the tickets.

"We would like to thank the players for donating the tickets and making these kids' dreams come true," said MVK CEO Sherri Friedman. "This is something that these kids will never forget."

The Bengals linebackers are Brian Simmons, Odell Thurman, David Pollack, Landon Johnson, Caleb Miller, Marcus Wilkins, Nate Webster, and Hannibal Navies.

The tickets will be benefiting children from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati, Lighthouse Youth Services, and Family Service/Friends of the Children. MVK also donates tickets to Beech Acres, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association of Cincinnati, City Cure, HIPPY, Next Level Mentoring Program, and YMCA of Greater Cincinnati.

Most Valuable Kids of Greater Cincinnati is a non-profit organization that turns unused tickets into opportunities for underprivileged kids. Donations are processed through the organization's website, Each donor receives a unique identification password at their first visit to the site, and the donor can use this ID password to register each time they wish to donate tickets. Once the tickets are donated and claimed, Jones the Florist will collect the tickets and deliver them to the recipient organization. All ticket donations are tax-deductible.

MVK has distributed over 425 tickets to events such as the Cincinnati Ballet's Nutcracker, Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights, Phantom of the Opera, and the University of Cincinnati men's basketball since their kickoff in late October 2005.

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