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Bengals Line Highlights: Trey Hopkins

Bengals Line Presented by Bud Light is recorded live every Monday night from 6-9 p.m. at the Holy Grail Banks.

Trey Hopkins joined hosts Dave Lapham and Lance McAlister this week.

Here are some highlights:

On how he felt he played against the Colts…

"After watching the tape, I did a lot of things I was very proud of. I was proud of myself in protections, specific things that I wanted to get better from after coming from Pittsburgh. Paul (Alexander) always has a coaching plan. As an offensive lineman, you always have something that you look to improve on yourself if you want to have any kind of longevity in this league. But overall, just looking at it for what it was and getting the win, it was a game that I walked away from saying I was proud of what I did."

On Joe Mixon's 67-yard screen pass…

"When you do a screen, the thing that's exciting about a screen and the thing that's kind of different than any other play, is you don't know what's going on behind you. Your job is kind of like trying to sell I just go beat on this, the guy just got past me. So you've got to be kind of a good actor. But the point where you know the play is going good is really just the crowd and you haven't heard the whistle yet. Some of the things you get out as a lineman and you get to run in it. And it's like okay, I know my course I'm supposed to take. I know where my eyes are supposed to be, who I'm supposed to be looking for. But I don't know if that play is dead, I don't know if Joe got tackled way back here unless I hear a whistle. So I'm just running and as you get going, you realize the play is still going. It hasn't been blown dead. The crowd is screaming, that means something good is going on. You can't really turn around. You just got to keep running. There were some great blocks on that. Russell Bodine, our center, had a great block that really just sprung Joe at the beginning. Joe is such a great athlete. He's somebody we really get excited about whenever the ball is in his hands. He kind of put the team on his back on that one."

On what Mixon brings to the team…

"He's a guy that brings excitement to the team and to the offense because he's a guy that plays with so much passion. And he's also just naturally gifted. He's strong, he's fast. He's somebody that he can make things happen."

On a potential career after football…

"I started shadowing physical therapists, occupational therapists and a good number of them I was fortunate enough to get to see what they do. And I really like that hands on feeling where you actually get to work with people day by day and say hey how are you doing today? How do you feel today? And that meant more to me getting the ability to build a connection with someone and really becoming involved in their life to the point where their wellbeing matters to you and they trust you and you trust them."

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