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Bengals hire former Falcons scout

The Bengals filled the void left by Robert Livingston's move to the coaching staff Friday when they announced the hiring of former Falcons college area scout Mike Potts.

Potts, who scouted the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast in his four seasons with Atlanta, takes over the Southeast in place of Livingston, now an assistant secondary coach.

Like Livingston, Potts payed his college football at William and Mary, where he was a quarterback before signing as a free agent with the Steelers in 2008 and then taking a few snaps in the Arena Football League. A scouting assistant for two years and an area scout for two years, Potts' role is going to expand because the Bengals personnel people are also involved in cross-checking as well as pro scouting.

Otherwise, director of player personnel Duke Tobin's staff remains relatively intact with Bill Tobin staying in the Midwest, Greg Seamon in the Northeast, and Steve Radicevic in the West. The one difference is that Radicevic, who had been based in California, is moving his operation into Paul Brown Stadium.

The move reflects how the Bengals are relying more and more on the mountain of technology devoted to scouting and how they are intent on making sure they get a handle on it in a central location.

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