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Bengals-Chiefs: Key Matchups






SEPTEMBER 10, 2006

A former NFL personnel guru and a current NFL personnel chief help break down the key matchups with both picking the Bengals to win.

LT Levi Jones vs. Chiefs RE Jared Allen



"Kansas City sells out stopping the run, but look where they were against the pass (30th) last year and that's what usually happens," says the chief. "They don't have much of a pass rush (third fewest sacks in the AFC last year) and they didn't do much to change it. To me, the Chiefs' weaknesses on defense are the Bengals' strength on offense."

"Their corners are just OK. I would think Cincinnati's receivers could be able to run on them. Those three receivers the Bengals have are as good as any in the league. This is not an upper echelon defense. They can be run on and I would imagine that once the Chiefs come up to stop the run, Cincinnati will go after their corners."

"He looked good to me," the guru says. "If he's been practicing all this time, I would think he'd be OK. You can only go on what you see and what you saw was pretty good."

Bengals punter Kyle Larson was also effective, putting five inside the 20 out of his 16 tries with no touchbacks.

"(The Chiefs) are going to be different with Herm. He's going to want to run Johnson, run the clock, and help out his defense. They won't be as vertical offensively. Everything with them starts with running the ball with Johnson."

"I've done some research on them and they throw the ball downfield as infrequently as anyone in the league. It's pretty close. But when they do throw it down there, they're one of the most efficient teams at doing it."

"Their offensive line is different. Turley is only 275 pounds and the question is going to be how he holds up against bull rushers," the guru said. "It's not the same offensive line."

"If they're going to hurt you it will be with the tight ends and the backs," the guru said. "Kennison can run a little bit, but (the other starter) Samie Parker is more like a No. 3 or No. 4."

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