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Bengals-Browns Quote Board


On the performance of DB Leon Hall:
"He did a great job. We thought the focal point would be 17 [Browns WR Braylon Edwards]. Leon made a nice play on the first interception by reading the route. We made the Browns force it for the second interception. He made a great play on the deep ball. Leon recognized when Braylon was in the Z position, in which he doesn't usually play. I thought it was a nice play. For the defensive players to get a shutout - that is huge."

On the Bengals running game:
"I thought in the running game we moved the unmovable object a bit and were able to get some runs. We got things going in the running game which obviously helped us today."

On RB Cedric Benson:
"He runs well behind the pads' is the term I think I've used. The thing about him is that he is competitive. Since he's been here, he's kept on going. If he ever gets upset, he comes by and apologizes for it. He really is a good kid. He's made plays. I thought our third down offense was excellent. James [HB James Johnson] came in and did things on third down. I think the receivers did a good job in blocking for the run-game."


On his performance:
"I think this may have been one of my biggest games as a professional. It feels awesome. That was some smashmouth football right there. Bengals and Browns football is a great tradition and has a great history."

On the run game:
"That was the big emphasis this week. We know the Browns 'two-gap' and have some good defensive linemen up front. It was really important to press it as far as we could to get them to over-pursue. If you can execute the cutbacks, you can get up field."

On rushing against Browns RB Jamal Lewis:
"I guess I can pat myself on the back for that one. He is a great professional himself. I cant say enough about my guys up front. They made it possible."


On the shutout:
"Coach Zimmer talked about that last night at the meeting. It was the first time we've really mentioned it this week. As we got into the fourth quarter, we said, let's get this shutout for Zimmer.' It was a fun day for us."

On slowing down Browns RB Jamal Lewis:
"We knew with the cold weather they were going to give him the ball a lot. He's a tough guy to stop. As a team, I think we slowed him down."


On his first interception return for a touchdown:
"That was big, especially at the beginning of the game. In conditions like these, the offense is going to struggle for both teams."

On making big defensive plays:
"With the conditions like they were, as a cornerback, you know you can sit on a few routes and take some chances. You know the wind is in your favor."


On the defense:
"The defense gave us a lift. I wish the offense could have finished stronger and got that last first down to close out the game. The defense came through today."

On the run game:
"That was the type of day we wanted. It was going to be a battle between the offensive and defensive lines. We were able to make some room for Cedric. He did the rest. The plan worked well."


On the loss to the Bengals:
"It was a tough way to end the home season after what we did last year. It was a tough game and we turned the ball over. We didn't play the way we needed to play to win this game. The only positive that came out of this game was that Jamal [Lewis] was able to attain 10,000 yards rushing in his career. Congratulations to him for being able to do that."

On the weather causing problems for the offense:
"It caused quite a bit of problems. You couldn't get much done going into the wind. When you had the ball with the wind you had to try to take a shot. We tried to do that but it did not work out for us."

On giving up all of the rushing yards:
"It is frustrating. Early on, we were able to tell which way the ball was going. We started to lose our discipline and tried to make plays instead of doing our jobs."

On the injury to QB Ken Dorsey:
"If he is not able to go, we will have to bring up [QB Richard] Bartel."


On the team not scoring an offensive touchdown in five games:
"We go out there to prepare every week. We expect to make plays and get it done. Your guess is as good as mine."

On Jamal Lewis' 10,000 career rushing yards:
"Romeo [Crennel] made mention of that after the game and that is a tremendous status to have and to be amongst the Barry Sanders and Curtis Martin and others in that elite group. That's a great accomplishment and I was happy to be a part of it."

On the weekly preparation:
"That's one thing I can say about it, we come in and practice hard all week. We always have the intensity and all the guys come to work. I know people don't want to hear that, but we work hard. We always act professional, no matter what our record is. Even at 4-11."


On 10,000 career rushing yards:
"It feels great; we have been pushing for it all season trying to get to that point. Today was the day and I was just happy to go over and get it finally. It would have felt even better if we would have had a winning season. The record is the least of my concerns. It is a great accomplishment but, at the same time I'm a winner, and it has been a disappointing season."

On the disappointing season:
"I haven't been banged up at all this season but it has been slow. A lot of things happened this season, a lot of people have been injured and the quarterback situation. We just haven't been able to play a complete game with a full team."


On the game:
"I was out there playing like I always do. Whatever happens is going to happen. I'm prepared either way."

On the frustration of giving up all the rushing yards to the Bengals:
"It's always frustrating. Every back in this league is good. He [RB Cedric Benson] had a couple of long runs that gave him a good average."

On the crowd leaving early:
"That is the first time in seven years that I have seen this amount of people in the stands. They deserve more, you can't blame them."


On the weather:
"It was cold. It was just like the Buffalo game last year."

On being focused for the next game:
"We are paid to play and we didn't pull it off today. We have another game next week and we are going to prepare."

On the play of the defense:
"It is tough, but we can't do anything about it. We tried to put it on ourselves to score, but we didn't have any opportunities today."


On the season:
"It's not going the way we wanted it too."

On stopping the Bengals:
"They didn't even have to throw the ball. They were just running the ball and controlling the clock. They got first downs when they needed them by running. They were never forced to throw the ball. We couldn't do anything on offense."

On the Bengals running game:
"We may have made some mistakes trying to make plays and not doing our jobs. They did a good job of doing what they were supposed to do."

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