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Back-to-back on line

Posted: 6:30 p.m.

Since Marvin Lewis became Bengals head coach in 2003, the Bengals have played back-to-back home games within 10 days a total of 11 times and they've never been swept at Paul Brown Stadium. After losing to the Texans last week they will put that streak on the line Sunday in a 4:15 p.m. game against the Bears. The next and last time they go back-to-back at PBS this season is Nov. 29 against the Browns and Dec. 6 against the Lions.

2007: Nov. 18 35-27 loss to Arizona followed by 35-6 win over Tennessee Nov. 25; Oct. 21 38-31 win over the Jets followed by 24-13 loss to Pittsburgh Oct. 28.

2006: Nov. 30 13-7 win over Baltimore followed by 27-10 win over Oakland Dec. 10; Oct. 22 17-14 win over Carolina followed by 29-27 loss to Atlanta Oct. 29.

2005: Nov. 20 45-37 loss to Indianapolis followed by 42-29 victory over Baltimore Nov. 27; Oct. 23 27-13 loss to Pittsburgh followed by 21-14 win over Green Bay Oct. 30.

2004: Dec. 19 33-17 loss to Buffalo followed by 23-22 win over Giants Dec. 26; Nov. 21 19-14 loss to Pittsburgh followed by 58-48 win over Cleveland Nov. 28;  Sept. 19 16-13 win over Miami followed by 23-9 loss to Baltimore Sept. 23.

2003: Nov. 9 34-27 win over Houston followed by 24-19 win over Kansas City Nov. 16; Oct. 19 34-26 win over Baltimore followed by 27-24 win over Seattle Oct. 26.

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