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Adams buys in

Posted: 2:35 p.m.



The business goal of Bengals defensive tackle Sam Adams, who has played in two Super Bowls, is to own two teams that play in the Arena Football League 2 title game.

Adams is moving toward that goal by putting together an ownership group for Cincinnati's newest Arena 2 franchise at U.S. Bank Arena that is set to take the field in April of 2007.

Adams' partners tentatively include teammates Rudi Johnson, Tory James and T.J. Houshmandzadeh, as well as Reds doctor Tim Kremchek and Reds center-fielder Ken Griffey Jr., a friend from his days in Seattle.

"That way, I automatically win," said Adams of his bi-coastal dream.

Adams already owns the Everett Hawks in Washington, but believes with more favorable dates and a lease that he can turn this club into a moneymaker compared to the Hawks.

Adams, who said he visited the arena right after he signed his Bengals contract back in April to explore opportunities, makes another trip Friday night to drop the puck for the Cincinnati Cyclones season opener.

"People love football (in Cincinnati) and the people who love football as much as people in this city have to have something in the offseason," Adams said. "To take the burning desire to see a live football game as opposed to watching re-reruns. You want something new and fresh."

Adams has tapped former University of Kentucky and Arena2 player Tony Missick to coach the club through a 16-game schedule that ends in August and has a division of teams in Louisville, Green Bay and Quad Cities.

It sounds like the franchise's name is going to be some version of his employer's name (note Hawks and Seahawks) because Adams said he wanted to first seek permission from Bengals president Mike Brown before making it public.

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