Adam Kieft Conference Call Transcript

Bengals 2005 fifth-round draft pick Adam Kieft conducted a conference call with local Cincinnati media following his selection. The transcript follows:


Q: Are the two of you (including fourth-round draft pick Eric Ghiaciuc, also from Central Michigan) going to come down in the same bus from Michigan? AK:
"I guess so. I guess they'll just put me in the same bus with Eric that they did with Brock (Gutierrez, former Bengals guard from Central Michigan). It's pretty convenient to have a teammate you played with in college be your teammate at the next level. Hopefully it will help us push each other. It helps to know somebody."

Q: Two Georgia guys (in the first round and second round), and now two Central Michigan guys. You have to be pretty excited: AK:
"It's definitely a relief that, no matter what, I'm going to know at least one guy on the squad. It's not too often that a team gets two guys from the same college twice. It's kind of exciting for the school in general too."

Q: When was the last time someone has been drafted from Central Michigan? AK:
"It was 1997 or 1998. I think it was Scott Rehberg (also a former Bengal)."

Q: What can you tell us about Eric Ghiaciuc? AK:
"He's a good player. He's very quick and a smart player. He's going to do a good job at the next level."

Q: How about yourself? AK:
"I think I bring a lot to the table. I just hope I can help the team out in any way I can. I can play anywhere they need me. I'm just ready to go."

Q: When did you start to think the NFL was a real possibility? AK:
"After my junior season in college. I always knew it was there, but I never could have imagined myself playing in the NFL. After my junior season, I knew there was a possibility. Then teams started to contact me after my senior year, and now it's reality. Now I'm just really excited that it's here, and I have an opportunity, and I know where I'm going to be at."

Q: Are you and Eric (Ghiaciuc) pretty good friends? AK:
"Actually, we're roommates. We've been roommates starting this past year, our senior year."

Q: What is it going to be like lining up against players like Michael Strahan? AK:
"He's just another football player to me. I don't try and let the name precede the person. To me, it's another defensive end. Michael Strahan has had a Hall of Fame career (so far), but it doesn't change the job I have to do. If it's him or whoever, I have to do my job."

Q: As roommates, you and Ghiaciuc probably talked about the NFL quit a bit. Did the possibility ever come up of playing on the same team? AK:
"No. Actually I called him earlier after he got picked to congratulate him. He told me not to worry, that my time was coming, and here it is. I didn't even know the Bengals were leaning my way. When I got the phone call from Coach Alexander, I couldn't believe it. It's exciting that it worked out that way, but we never expected it."

Q: Have you talked with Ghiaciuc? AK:
"He called me right after my pick came up. We're just having a good time with what's happening."

Q: Are you going to be roommates again? AK:
"Probably, because it will make it the easiest. I obviously don't mind living with him, and he's a great guy. We have a great opportunity ahead of us and hopefully it works out."

Q: Are you both from Michigan? AK:
"We're actually from opposite sides of the state. I'm from the Grand Rapids area, and he's from the Detroit area. We met at Central Michigan, and now we're going to meet again in Cincinnati."

Q: How did you guys do against Miami (Ohio)? AK:
"We didn't play against Miami. They are in the other division of the conference. We played Miami the year before I got there, and I think we're supposed to play them again next year."

Q: Alexander thought you played well against Michigan State: AK:
"Yeah, I thought I had a pretty good game. Clifford Dukes was their defensive end, who I think was all-Big Ten, and the guy I went up against. I think I had a real good game. I think it was a good game, but it didn't end the way I wanted it to."

Q: Do you ever think there's a knock about the guys who come out of the MAC Conference? People say it's not the Big Ten: AK:
"I think football is football. I played against plenty of guys from the Big Ten. I've played against six Big Ten schools — Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, (etc.). I also played against the (No. 27) overall pick last year, Jason Babin, three times, so I've played against some pretty big guys. In the end, it's all about playing football. Now it doesn't matter where you played in college. We're all in the NFL now."

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