2005 Bengals Draft Press Conference - Round 1

*Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnhan, and linebackers coach Ricky Hunley met the media following Cincinnati's first-round selection of David Pollack. The transcript follows: *


Initial comments:

"We're obviously really happy with the selection of David Pollack. They turned it in as defensive end, but we drafted him to play outside linebacker. We're excited about him and what he brings to our football team.
"I had an opportunity to meet him three years ago, and I just watched how he was the leader of that football team then. We had a chance to meet and spend a lot of time with him in Indianapolis. He spent extra time with us. He spent about 45 minutes with us one night, and his magnetism and everything kind of precedes his play even, which is great."

On what Pollack brings to the football team:

"He brings us an outstanding pass rusher from that position. He's a guy that, at 260 pounds, really is a fine athlete. He had times like cornerbacks and wide receivers in a lot of the drill-work. He's just a tremendous hard worker, and smart. He brings us the full package."

On Pollack's versatility as a football player:

"We see him playing as a third-down rusher also. We'll have a lot of versatility to move him around."  

On Pollack's magnetic personality:

"Well, that's important to me. I think he adds to the quality and character of our football team. He's a guy that has worked extremely hard to bring other people with him. He separates himself by leading by example. And if you're not going his speed, he's going to run you over. I think that's important."

On the impression Pollack made in Indianapolis:

"He confirmed all of my views about him when I visited with him. I can remember people talking about him when I was there three years ago. I didn't know a whole lot about (the college players at this point in the offseason), so I went to these campuses and they're talking about this guy that was the best player on the Georgia football team. Somebody pointed at him, and there was this guy in these baggy jeans and a t-shirt. I think it was the second day of spring football practice, which is when players perform for prospective coaches. But people were pointing saying that's the guy there. This is going to be a guy that brings what we need to our football team."


On how it feels to have selected such a great defensive player:

"Anytime you get a player like this, you're going to be excited. We talk about the charisma and the dynamic personality of David, and I think that stands out to everybody immediately. He is a football player who possesses versatility, and the creativity we'll be able to use with that versatility really gets you excited. This is a great opportunity for us, and we're looking forward to it."

On whether or not he compares favorably to Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi:

"You take it one step at a time, and right now he's David Pollack. We'll use David Pollack's versatility and not try to make those comparisons."


On whether or not the coaches expect David Pollack to be a leader for the defense:

"I've known of David Pollack since his high school days. There is an energy and an electricity about him, and he has a dynamic personality. He probably gets it from his parents. What he brings to the table are the ingredients you look for to improve a whole group, to make you stronger and to make you better. We're really excited about having that kind of personality, and more importantly, that kind of football player. We saw what a great player he was in high school and college, and we expect that trend to continue. He makes plays."

On Pollack's knack for consistently being around the ball in college:

"We look for football players, and David Pollack is — without a doubt — a football player. He makes plays and has fun playing the game. You have to love his energy and his passion. We're excited, he's excited, and it's a great fit."
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