Mark head coach Marvin Lewis as another upset Bengal over defensive tackle Tony Williams's season-ending injury on one of the Broncos' controversial cut blocks in Monday night's 23-10 win over Denver. Lewis said he agrees with Steelers coach Bill Cowher.

"It's unfortunate. It's something I'm sure the competition committe will look at," Lewis said. "From what I understand, this is the second player that was injured playing against the Denver Broncos on blocks supposedly legal, but really not needed, not necessary.

"He's right," said Lewis of Cowher's objections. "The point being we legislate touching the guy at six yards, but yet we allow that to happen. It doesn't make much sense."

Lewis also said that Williams is looking at a six-month recovery from his broken and dislocated ankle, and that he'll start 2003 sixth-rounder Langston Moore in his place.

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