Just how old is Jerry Fontenot? Jack Brennan, the Bengals public relations director, discovered he is the oldest Bengal ever at 37 years and 303 days when he played center last Sunday night. That made him a day older than quarterback Ken Anderson when he played his last game at Riverfront Stadium on Dec. 14, 1986.

How old? Fontenot played against the uncle of Bengals rookie defensive end Robert Geathers, Jumpy Geathers, the sack master from the inside. Defensive line coach Jay Hayes passed the word and Robert, 21, is waiting for the right time to approach Fontenot.

"Hell of a player. He had the 'Forklift Move,' which was patented by Jumpy," Fontenot said. "He would start an up-field rush and whoever was playing over him, the guard or center, he would drive a straight arm up underneath your body and lift you all the way back to the quarterback."

Fontenot laughed. It doesn't take one of the young guys to remind him how old he is: "Looking in the mirror helps me feel old. . .He obviously has some ability and he's in the right gene pool."

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