Taylor Season Ticket Member Town Hall Highlights

Head Coach Zac Taylor joined Bengals Legend and Radio Analyst Dave Lapham for a night spent with season ticket members, answering questions and having conversation in the East Club at Paul Brown Stadium.

Some of the highlights included:

2:42 - Taylor on Building Team Culture

"We want make sure we create an environment that when people walk in the door they want to come to work every day. I'm talking about the players, I'm talking about the coaching staff and everybody who is associated with it. I think so far it has been a good start. Guys have bought in. We are taking baby steps right now and we have a long way to go. So far, great attitude from the players, great attitudes from the coaching staff."

6:15 - Taylor On Areas Of Strength and Areas of Weakness

"One of the main strengths I see is there is a good collection talent on this team whether it be rookies, second-year guys or veterans. No team is perfect in this league. That is how every team is built. The teams that sustain success over a long period of time find a way to take the talent in the building a build a true team out of that. It is not a bunch of hired contractors that go out there and play. You have to build some camaraderie and a team. On both sides of the ball and special teams, there is a lot of talent out there. We just have to build upon that to create a team."

10:50 - Taylor On Putting His Coaching Staff Together

"You want guys who have a high football IQ. It is important the coaches know what they are talking about. One of the benefits of being one of the last coaches hired is a when putting together a staff, a lot of people view it as a negative. But in reality, you not competing with others for those guys. You aren't rushing to hire somebody. We had the opportunity to go out and evaluate people and there are millions of great coaches in this country. We got to evaluate them all, interview them all and find the right fits for us. What we found out was there were a lot of good football coaches with really high IQs, they are great communicators, they brought energy and they had great character. We look for people that our players want to follow, set a great example and I think we hit a home run with every guy we hired."


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21:37 - Taylor On The First Team Meeting

"I know a lot is made of the first team meeting with a coaching staff. We are just trying to stack these things together and define things. We are trying to define mental toughness, defining what it means to be a Bengal. I know a lot is made of the first meeting, but every meeting is important after and we are trying to build off of that."

36:07 - Taylor Talks About What Excites Him The Most Being Back In Cincinnati

"I think the people. I speak for my wife (Sarah). We've lived everywhere. We have kids who were born in Texas, Florida, Ohio and California. We've hit every corner of the United States here. Cincinnati was our favorite because of the people here. Just good Midwestern values that have taken care of us. I think our kids have jumped right in and made friends and that's the number one thing for us. It's the people."

45:59 - Taylor On The Organization's Support

"In my the two months I've encountered nothing to think championships are not possible here," Taylor said. "It's been nothing but unbelievable support from everyone. Primarily from Mike Brown and the Brown family. It's been unbelievable ... and seeing they want to win as much as anybody. It's been a great process the last two months. All I know is what I've experienced and I'm very encouraged. We've been given everything as a coaching staff that we could possibly need to succeed. So there'll be no excuses."

The Bengals kick off the 2019 regular season in Seattle against the Seahawks on Sept. 8. The Bengals' home opener is set for Week 2 when San Francisco comes to Cincinnati for a 1 p.m. kickoff on Sept. 15.

Bengals head coach Zac Taylor participated in a town hall with Season Ticket Members. The discussion was led by Bengals radio broadcaster Dave Lapham.

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