Sixth Round Draft Transcripts - 4/27/19

180925-Williams-Trayveon_celebration (AP)
Texas A&M running back Trayveon Williams (5) celebrates after defeating Arkansas 24-17 in an NCAA college football game Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter)


Running back, Texas A&M University

Congratulations ...

"Thank you so much."

So did Coach Turner call you to tell you were selected, your old offensive line coach? Or who called to tell you?

"I don't even remember. I was all caught up in the moment. Coach Turner was one of the coaches that called, as well as the running backs coach and the head coach."

Obviously Turner is familiar with you, you're familiar with him. Are you excited to be a part of that style of offense?

"I'm extremely excited about it. It's a (good) situation, and I'm excited to get the opportunity."

What's your game all about? What do you do best?

"My game is electric. I'm one of the guys who just needs the ball in my hands. I can make big things happen, whether it's running the ball between the tackles or catching the ball, either or. I just love getting the ball in my hands."

How's your blitz pickup?

"Oh man, that's one of my strong suits. You can watch the tape from this year, I love blitz pickups. I love the griminess of it. I just love to protect my quarterback."

You're coming to a team with Joe Mixon and Giovani Bernard, what do you think about those guys?

"Wherever I go, I just want to compete. Whether it's the Hall-of-Famer or the sixth-round pick like me, I'm just looking to compete and do the best for the team."

With your numbers, did you think you'd be selected before the sixth round?

"I did not expect to drop this low, but I know God has a plan, and God has a lot in store for me. So, I'm excited for the opportunity that I have and to make big things happen."

I could imagine when you were still on the board, Coach Turner started pounding his shoe on the table saying, 'We've got to take this guy' ...

"Yeah, I'm sure. When Coach Turner called, I was extremely excited. I'm ready to do big things."

How did you deal with the wait to be selected in the sixth-round?

"It was tough, but I'm just here waiting with the comfort of my family. We prayed and trusted each other and it all worked out, and I'm happy."

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