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Everything Zac Taylor Said after Beating the Saints

(Opening Statement): "I'm really proud of the guys for hanging in there. We've had some games like this. Some of them didn't go our way. We didn't have the lead there until 2 minutes left in the game, and the defense stepped up. Trey (Hendrickson) got the big sack. Ja'Marr (Chase) scored on the next play, and our defense stood up and got a stop there in the two-minute drill, which was huge for us. Just really proud of our guys rebounding off of a tough divisional loss last week, going on the road into a brutal environment. This place is tough to get wins. I have a ton of respect for their team, their coaching staff and the position they put these guys in. You earn every inch when you play these guys. I just thought our guys earned every inch and found a way to win. Now we have to gain on that momentum."

(On Ja'Marr Chase's game): "I know it's special for (Ja'Marr Chase). I don't put a lot into that as the game is unfolding. He steps up in any environment. Now that the game is over, you do get a chance to appreciate him coming home, (Joe) Burrow coming back home, LC (La'el Collins), a lot of guys that played here for the Saints and have a lot of great memories and had a lot of great memories and times here. It's special. Now that the game is over, you can go and reflect back on that and appreciate that for those guys."

(On the touchdown by Ja'Marr Chase): "Breaking a lot of tackles. We threw him a back shoulder fade. (Ja'Marr) and Joe (Burrow) just do a great job with that type of chemistry. I think he shrugged off the initial one, and then he kind of outran the coverage on the safety. That's what he does. He is a special player. He almost got us one earlier in the game on a just a quick out. He almost broke one and took it. This time, he finished it off, which was good to see."

(On moments that set the tone): "I think it's good. Every season is a new season. This is our first one where we got this win late in the game. I don't think you can discredit that. That's going to help us at some point when we've had the close losses we've had. The way we've done it and been in this situation three times already. It hadn't worked out for us. I think it will go a way for our guys as they put this one away and draw from that later on."

(On having connections like Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase): "That's what this League's about. You need to have great players. You can give them all the play calls you want, but in these big moments you need guys to step up. These guys stepped up."

(On the defensive performance): "They did. They did. It is tough. There was a 12-minute stretch there at the end of the first half and the third quarter where they had possession of the ball. That's kind of when you win the coin toss and defer, that's exactly what you're talking about because the offense is over there standing on the sidelines for a while. The defense had to put together a lot of plays. They only gave up 6 points, which obviously we want 0. We had some depth things that came up during the game. Guys had to step up there. Losing (Josh) Tupou early in the game versus a team who is going to run a power run game like they did today hurts your depth. I thought Jay Tufele stepped up and did a nice job. I thought our backers did a good job when Logan (Wilson) went out late in the game. Just a lot of guys we had to turn to that did their job and allowed us to get those last stops."

(On Joe Burrow's scramble): "I thought he was sacked. I was standing there next to Ja'Marr (Chase). Ja'Marr's route finished right next to me on the sideline. We both thought the play was over. I had to tell him to get back in it and try to go score. Obivously, he found, I think TB (Tyler Boyd) on the play if I remember correctly. Sometimes when things look really bleak and dead, Joe (Burrow) finds a way out of the mess. You don't know how he does it. He just does it. It's special to see when it happens."

(On the away crowd and his perspective of playing on the road in New Orleans): "It's difficult to play down here, but it's so much fun. That's what football is about. That's why we sign up for the job. Just to see their fan base out on the streets. Our fan base, I thought they traveled well. I saw a lot of Bengals fans downtown as we were going to the game. I do have such an appreciation for the loyalty that the people down here, the Saints fans, have for their team. They make this place. It's loud. It's difficult to communicate. You have to be on top of your communication. There was one – I could stutter my way through a call, and we had to call timeout because Joe (Burrow) couldn't hear me clearly. They create some issues like this. You have to appreciate a fan base like that."

(On how the offense played): "We really do tune that out. I know people probably don't believe us, but we know what we're capable of. We know the issues we've had. We block out that noise and embrace what this team can be about, what this offense can be about. There's a lot of belief. There's no doubt. I have to imagine the score on us the last four, five possessions felt pretty good. They were moving the ball pretty good. It was a good way to end it."

(On securing the win in the last minutes of the game): "There's always belief, as you guys have seen. We've come back and taken leads or tied after we've been behind, but you need to finish one off. Again, we found a way to win. We needed to win one like this. We needed to win one on the road like this. I don't think the team needed it for its confidence, but it's good to put in your back pocket and say, we've been in a hostile environment. We're going to be in other hostile environments this season. If the season goes the way you want, you're going to be in a lot of these. I'm just proud of the way the guys bowed up in the fourth quarter and made the plays we needed to and snuck out of here with a win."

(On Trey Hendrickson's impact): "(Trey Hendrickson) and Sam (Hubbard), I'll group those guys together because they're just relentless, and they keep after the quarterback on every snap. Whether they're getting hits, the pressures or the sacks, I promise you they feel it because it's close. When the moment gets big, Trey stepped up and made the play. Again, that's what we're counting on from Trey. He stepped up and made the play when we needed it. Just proud of him and Sam and that entire group."

(On the Bengals' defensive red zone efficiency): "That's what our defense has done, keep people out of the end zone and limit scores. I know they had the long one that got us, but when teams get down there on us, they have to earn every inch. The defense takes a lot of pride in their red zone defense and limiting people to field goals and trying to create turnovers."

(On the game balls): "Yeah. Joe (Burrow), Ja'Marr (Chase) and Trey Hendrickson. Trey for the big play that gave us the ball back, and Joe and Ja'Marr for the show they put on today."

(On the dynamic combination of Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase): "Unbelievably dynamic. They just have some great chemistry. They really haven't skipped a beat from college, all those reps they put in together. We can count on those guys. It's not just them. We have so many other weapons teams need to worry about that allows them to maximize their potential in situations like this. You talk about the other receivers, tight ends, running backs. I thought the offensive line really played well today. I know that there was the two sacks late, and we will watch that and sort it out. I thought those guys really did an excellent job at protecting the pass game, blocking for the run, wading through a ton of RPOs today that took away the carry from the ball carrier and got us positive yards. I don't know how many carries we had, but there's going to be way less than runs we called. They were executing those runs really well. We just saw some softness there to take advantage of them in the pass game. I thought the whole unit stepped up and did a great job."

(On injuries to Jeff Gunter and Logan Wilson): "Don't know about Logan (Wilson). That happened so late in the game. We will get some information on that. Jeff (Gunter) was a knee in pregame just walking out. I don't know exactly how it happened or what it looked like when he fell."

(On Joe Burrow's touchdown in the second quarter): "It was what we needed. What we needed. Again, they get in that middle red zone, and that's where their problem pressures show up, and (Joe Burrow) did a good job stepping up through there. Guys were trying to protect it. It's a tough protection issue you have there. He kind of understands where the void is if you pull through that crack. There's a chance to go, and that's what he did."

(On Ja'Marr Chase's touchdown): "I can't. I can't because (Ja'Marr Chase) is so strong on contact. His acceleration is so rapid. That's why he is a top target. That's why he's a rookie leader. That's why he's going to have the career he's going to have because of the way he works on top of all of that talent he has. The work ethic he has supersedes that. That's a credit to him and what he's about. You have to give some credit to Troy Walters for being a coach who is not just going to let him go along with the flow. Troy's hard on those guys and stays on them. I think that's why we get the talent out of the receivers that we get. It's a credit to the guys that we drafted because they get it, but it's also a credit to Troy and Brad (Kragthorpe) for staying on them and helping them reach their full potential."

(On if he spoke with QB Andy Dalton): "After the game. I appreciate Andy (Dalton) so much. What he went through with me and by my side that whole first year. When he gets his opportunities, he makes the most of it. He's done a great job down here when his number has been called. He did a great job in that game. Fortunately, our defense was able to step up. Just the amount of respect I have for him and his family. I always wish him the best." (On what it means to come from behind and win on the road): "We just have to store it away. We always believed we could do it, but at some point, you have to get it done. That is what this league is about. Things balance out. If you prepare the right way and your guys handle themselves the right way during the game, then these things—We know our guys are going to step up and make plays at some point. Today they did that. We have to file it away and draw from it when we're on the road, we're at home at some tough environment we have against a good team. Later down the road, we have to be able to pull from it."

(On the Bengals secondary): "Just have to be a little tighter in coverage sometimes. They made some plays when we were right there. They made a great catch in the middle there in the third quarter. I though they made some great plays. Andy (Dalton) was accurate with the ball. He found the voids he could find. They did a great job coming down with them. Sometimes when you are just a couple inches off your coverage and you have a good quarterback who is accurate, he's going to make you pay for it. I thought our guys did a good job regrouping, especially at the end and making them kind of throw it underneath and keeping the ball in bounds, and fortunately, they had some incompletions that gave us a chance."