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Everything Zac Taylor Had To Say After the Bengals-Commanders Preseason Game

Head Coach Zac Taylor

On how severe DE Joseph Ossai's injury is:

"Not sure. Not sure. Could be a sprain. We'll find out."

On why DE Joseph Ossai played tonight:

"Needed the reps. Needed the reps."

On the quarterback play tonight:

"Yeah, I thought [QB Jake Browning] did a nice job getting us down the field. Second possession we had another big play, got called back. So I thought he had two good drives. I thought [QB] Trevor [Siemian] had some nice drives for us. And [QB] Reid [Sinnett] got in there and did a nice job moving us down the field as well at the end. Had an unfortunate sack there and penalty but thought those three guys gave us some good things."

On if there is any clarity regarding the backup quarterback position:

"Yeah, we will. I won't announce it right now, but we'll talk about it tomorrow."

On the growth of QB Jake Browning:

"I think Jake is one of those guys that needed NFL game experience. Again, that's what he's gotten here the last couple years. He got a little bit in Minnesota as well, so guys just sometimes need game reps."

On if Browning being an NFL quarterback for five seasons without having played a regular season game is odd:

"Not as odd as you'd think. There are a lot of quarterbacks who maybe haven't gotten in a game yet, but they're on practice squads and things like that. I don't really have much else to say there."

On Browning's continued stellar play during the preseason following his performance in Atlanta:

"Yeah, that was good. Two good drives for him."

On how valuable this game was to the rookies on the team:

"I think it's good. You just look at the guys, starting with the offense. Different coverages they'll see, different looks they have to react to. Coaches aren't on the field, no one's telling them what to do. They have to sort it out themselves. They make mistakes, so that's going to happen. That's why we want these guys to get those reps to just work their way through that kind of stuff. Same on defense, adjusting to different looks, maybe there's another scouted look we haven't gone through that week that you've got to be able to respond to. It's all good work. These three preseason games are extremely valuable. I know we didn't play our starters a lot, but it's really valuable for the depth of our roster to get that experience that maybe they won't get in bunches once the season begins."

On WR Andrei Iosivas' touchdown catch:

"That was good. That was one of those high back fives. Back five yards at the end of the line, and you've got to throw it up to where no one else can get it but your own guy. I thought he did a nice job getting up there and going to get it. I thought [QB] Jake [Browning] progressed back and found him, so it was a good play."

On what RB Chase Brown can provide to the offense this season:

"Well, he got his hands on the ball in the run game. I thought he provided value there. He did a good job with yards after contact. He gave us some ugly yards today. I liked what I saw from Chase."

On TE Tanner Hudson's preseason performance:

"I thought Tanner [Hudson] did a good job. He's been a reliable threat for us. Does a good job in the run game, mixing it up and doing his job. So, pleased [with] what I saw from him."

On DE Raymond Johnson III's play:

"Raymond made some splash plays for us. You'd see a lot of plays in the backfield that Raymond was a part of. It was exciting to see those guys get their opportunities and make the most of them."

On what the next three days will look like for the coaching staff:

"A lot of meetings with [Director of Player Personnel] Duke [Tobin] and his staff. That'll be tomorrow, just kind of ironing out everything, and then formulating our plan for the next couple days."

On CB DJ Ivey's performance:

"I saw some good plays on the ball from Ivey. Some contested plays, and even one of the completions he gave up on third down he was right there. It was contested, he was in tight coverage and the guy made a good play so thought that he was involved in some key plays throughout the game."