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Ryan Fitzpatrick Press Conference

Q: How was your bye? RF:
Good. Got away for a few days, got refreshed, and came back and had a good practice on Monday.

Q: The sacks have decreased the past few weeks; what have you done differently?RF:
I think, assignment-wise, we've figured some things out. Even stuff like getting the ball out quicker, me not trying to make plays in the pocket. There are a lot of things that point to it. I think that was part of our success playing against Jacksonville, and this week is going to present a big challenge for us, because this is a team that loves to pressure. When they come, they come hard, whether it be with corners, safeties, or linebackers. It's one of those games where if they do get the big plays, then we're not going to have a chance. So we need to make sure, me personally, get the ball out, not allow them to force me into mistakes, and I think we'll be OK.

Q: Are there similarities between them and Pittsburgh and Baltimore, or do they bring their pressure in different ways?RF:
They're different, but I think the biggest thing is how hard they come. They, just like Pittsburgh, are very relentless. When their linebackers are blitzing or when their safeties are blitzing, they're coming hard, and they're coming all-out. Some of the fire-zone stuff is the same as Pittsburgh, in terms of the way they're trying to get you messed up. It's going to present a big challenge for us, and we're looking forward to it.

Q: Does a win change the team's mindset, or is that overrated?RF:
I think it does a little bit. I said the last few weeks that we were still working hard in practice, we're still fighting, and still trying to go out there and win games. I think it kind of verified some of the stuff we've been doing in practice and some of the hard work we've been putting in, to finally get that win. It was nice to have a bye week and win before it to have some momentum going into the bye, and hopefully we can keep going from there.

Q: You mentioned getting rid of the ball quicker; is that in the game plan, or is it just a sign that you are getting more comfortable in the pocket?RF: I think it's a little bit of both. I think in terms of me trying to make plays late in the pocket, that has been limited. That's something that I have gained a better understanding of as I've been playing. Some of it's been getting the ball out quicker. The biggest thing is no mistakes versus these guys, because they do have a potent offense, and they're going to come at us with the kitchen sink at times, so it's just how we react to what they're doing.

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