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Ryan Fitzpatrick Press Conference

Q: How frustrating is it to get your shot that everyone dreams of and have the offense struggle as it has?
RF: It's definitely been a tough year in that regard. You get so few chances in this league, and last year I didn't take a snap. You never know how it's going to come, and this year I have been given the opportunity. Obviously, the way you dream it up is to win every game and the Super Bowl, but that's not how it has happened this year. I think I will look at it as a really valuable experience for me, in terms of learning and becoming a more consistent player. We have three more games to end on a good note, and we can't dwell on what the past has given us and what hasn't happened. But I'm looking forward to the next three games.

Q: Is there anything that has surprised you this year?RF:
Not really. We have played some good defenses this year, but we have had our fair share of problems on offense. I think it has been compounded by some of the teams that we have played. It's just what you think it is. You have to go out there and make plays, complete passes, and make the third downs to keep the drive going. I have certainly learned a lot from this year and I know I'll be a better player from it.

Q: Regardless if you win or lose the last three games, do you think it's a big difference between 1-14-1 and 4-11-1?RF:
Yeah, a huge difference. Some of that being just the way the year ends. Winning would give your team some momentum going into the offseason. It's hard to say that a team 4-11-1 would have momentum going into the offseason, but if you can end on a good note and win the last few, it certainly changes the mood of the team.

Q: Given your situation, do you think you've shown other teams what you can do, or do you think other teams will back off after this season?RF:
They know what kind of player I am. There is a ton of film of me after this year. It's not my decision. I'm going to prepare and go out there and play hard. Well see what happens at the end of the year, but with the record we have and the way our offense has struggled, it definitely hasn't been all smiles. It's been a learning experience for me and I have learned through this process and I'll continue to get better.

Q: How much does it remain a learning experience?RF:
Every game something new comes up, and there is something you take from every game. It doesn't matter if you're a rookie or Brett Favre, there is stuff that you continue to learn through game experience. Certainly the more games I can play, the better.

Q: On the fumble on the first drive at Indianapolis, it looked like you were trying to stretch the ball across the first down:RF:
Yeah, it was a third-and-long play so I knew if I ran I would have to get about eight yards. It was one of those things where after I fumbled the ball, I looked up and already had the first down stick. I didn't need to stretch it. I was just trying to get more yards on the play. That's a part of the field awareness stuff. That was definitely a costly mistake in that game.

Q: Do you ever have to fight the feeling of just skipping over this season and moving on to next year, or are you still really engaged in what happens week-to-week here?RF:
Personally, I am engaged because I'm out there playing. There really isn't any other way you can approach it, or things are going to get really bad for you out there. I think the team is also in the right mindset. Some guys aren't playing right now, and it's hard for them to saw they're looking forward to the next three games instead of next year, because they want to play. For the guys that are out there on the field and playing, I think that we are all engaged and excited to go out there and play Washington.

Q: Marvin made a point in saying that the two interceptions were the receivers' fault. Going back and looking at the tape would you agree with him?RF:
It's hard to say it was their fault completely. The one to Jerome (Simpson), basically a slant route in a cover-two defense, the defender was really aggressive and read my eyes and jumped the route. That's one where I don't think he could make the catch, that the receiver would have run into him or gotten a hand on the ball. The other one was just a miscommunication between me and Slim (Chris Henry) on his route.

Q: We hear about QBs and WRs having to spend time and get used to each other. Do QBs and offensive linemen have to spend time together?RF: You can't spend time thinking about who is out there when you're playing. There is some game planning we do, depending on who's out there, but there is so much more going on in the quarterback's mind that you can't think about that during the game.

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