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Ryan Fitzpatrick Press Conference

Q: What has winning two games done for you guys mentally? RF:
We're definitely a lot more confident right now than we were two weeks ago, just in terms of the way we work. We've talked about it all season long, but the effort that we put in, in practice and game-planning, just trying to get wins, is starting to pay off a little bit. It's been nice just to see the way that the team has stuck with each other and the way the defense is playing right now. They're playing great. And the way Ced (RB Cedric Benson) has come along, and the offensive line, some of the replacements, how they're playing upfront. It's good to see.

Q: You're eligible for unrestricted free agency. Would you like to go somewhere else and start there? RF:
Yeah, I mean, I'd be lying to you if I said I didn't. At this point in the season, you start thinking about what's going to happen. But this has been a great year for me in terms of being able to get on the field and play. I think ultimately that's why I want to play this game, because I want to be out there on the field making decisions and being the focal point for a team. We'll see what it has to offer in the offseason. Obviously, playing over not playing is probably a good thing. We'll see what comes of it. We've got one more game to put out a good performance on offense, and we'll see where it goes.

Q: If you went somewhere else you might get a better shot at playing as a backup than you would being behind a franchise QB: RF:
I mean, not really. If you look at it, last year and this year were two different stories. Last year, Carson takes every snap. This year, you expect the same thing, and every year that he plays, just as Peyton (Manning) and Brett Favre, you expect them to take every snap, and then something unexpected happens. Like Tom Brady this year. It's just one of those positions that you never know when something funny's going to happen, when you get rolled up on. There are situations where the stability at the position is going to tell you that maybe you have better chances to play where it's unstable. Like I said, we'll see what happens. Obviously I enjoyed playing this year, and I enjoy playing.

Q: What did you learn this year? RF: I've learned a lot, just in terms of comfort on the field, knowing how to prepare for a game every week and knowing that if there are plays you feel uncomfortable with during the week, when you're repping them. You keep practicing them when you still feel uncomfortable with them. You need to make sure that with every play that you have in the game plan, you know where the ball's going versus every look, you know what your receiver's going to run for you. And it's just a matter of being a professional, and that's what I've learned.  

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