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Marvin Lewis Press Conference Transcript

Opening Comments:ML: "After watching the tape of yesterday, the thing I came away with is that offensively, we did a really good job of identifying people and getting on the correct people. We still have some things we'd like to clean up with our footwork, our hands and so forth. I thought the timing in the passing game was very good and for the most part, we were on track in the running game. Our back was on the correct tracks. And that was helpful.

"As they adjusted, we were able to adjust, too, which we benefited from. Initially on defense, the guys really did a nice job of applying pressure on the quarterback. We allowed them to convert the first third down, and then we were able to do some good things on third down, and we came away with some turnovers.

"In the kicking game, Shayne (Graham) did a nice job of ball placement after his first kickoff, and I thought our timing was very good, and our placements.

"So, all-in-all, it was the best football game we've played to date for four quarters, and it was good to see us finish the game somewhat uneventfully.  I thought our guys, including the guys who were playing the game at the end, did a nice job of understanding the situation of the game and being able to finish it out. And J.T. (O'Sullivan), I thought, did a fine job of running the offense."

Q: You had said that you wanted to 'tweak' a lot of things on both offense and defense coming into this season. Were all of those adjustments made during the offseason?ML: "We looked at things after the season, and during the season at the bye week, and I felt like a lot of things needed to improve. A lot of credit goes to the offensive staff going into the lab and building upon many of the things I asked them to do. And you continue as you go through the season and build things. We just have to keep going forward. Our guys are doing a nice job of understanding the concepts, and we're really not changing a lot. We're just adjusting."

Q: How much did the feeling after last week's loss against Houston translate to yesterday's strong showing?ML: "I can't figure that out, or why or how. Houston was a game we lost. We have to come back and play better. We didn't play well enough to beat the Texans. You have to critique it, improve upon it and build."

Q: Can you critique the offensive line's play so far this season?ML: "I think we've been 60-75 percent satisfied. We have a ways to go. We continue to play better each and every week, and they know they can play better. We'll push them to play better. We're getting a lot of good snaps out of them. We're not having the one or two person breakdowns like we have in years past, which has been good."

Q: What is your philosophy for what you do during the bye weeks? How has it evolved during your time as head coach?ML: "Every year is different, depending on the focus of the football team. We're at a point this year where we have some guys who will get some rest, at least in some of the stuff. That will be good. All in all, we take a critical look at what we're doing. I've got guys looking at each side of the football. Some guys are looking at offense, some are looking at defense, some are looking at special teams, looking at us, breaking us down. Looking at where we can get better. There are some things we've been holding as far as installation that we'll get a chance to introduce to some guys, at least conceptually."

Q: How much of a factor has C Kyle Cook been in the steady offensive line play? ML: "He's been the glue of all that. He's been the biggest part of that. He's getting us in the right spots and right places, and has done a great job. Collectively, the group together has done a great job, and Kyle is a lot responsible for that."

Q: You played Morgan Trent more in some nickel packages yesterday. How is he coming along?ML: "Yesterday was the most snaps he's had all year. He does a lot of good things, and other things we can keep working hard at. He's playing a lot of football. Due to the injuries we've had at safety, we kept Chris (Crocker) at safety the last couple weeks and used Morgan (Trent) down underneath some – more than we had. We'll continue to do that based on our matchups. He keeps learning and getting better, and better. He has to keep going. "

Q: Is there any word on whether Jeremi Johnson and Bernard Scott's knee injuries are anything serious?ML: "I don't think either of them are real serious, but we'll know more later in the week. Jeremi should be basically good to go versus the Ravens, and on Bernard, we'll know a little bit more as we go through the week. Of our other guys, I think everybody else will be up and at this point probable for Baltimore, so that's a good thing, including Roy (Williams) and Andre (Smith)."

Q: The offense held the ball for a good amount of time and helped keep the injury-depleted defense off the field:ML: "It did. It worked to our benefit. Domata (Peko), he had not as many snaps as he's normally been playing, which was good on the leg, and he'll get a good rest this week. I thought Frostee (Rucker) really played the best football game he's played since I've been here with him, so that was great to see and hopefully we can keep building upon that. Jon Fanene fought through the flu and busted his tail out there. Guys stepped up and played, and now those guys will get some rest through this week."

Q: Is the reason Brian Leonard was inactive yesterday because his groin is still bothering him?ML: "No, Brian was healthy."

Q: Was it because you needed depth at defensive line, and chose to activate one less running back as a result?ML: "(We) just put together the 45-man roster a little differently this week."

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