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Marvin Lewis Press Conference Transcript

Opening comments:
"After watching the tape last night and watching it again today, there are a lot of areas where we did some good things and played some winning football, but we had some inconsistencies that came up and left us short. We had some third downs that were very makeable. We failed to convert them with a dropped ball here and there. Same thing defensively. We had opportunities to get off the field and we allowed them to prolong their drives. That ended up being the key to the football game -- a couple field position changes, a couple chances to keep field position and hold on to it and make things that way. Those things, as I said after the game, we didn't do well enough, long enough, enough times. That is the biggest thing.

"Taking a look at the five games we've played, there have been a lot of things that have gone very positively and very well. We need to continue to build upon those and go that way. You look at some things we are not doing quite well enough and (we have to) take hard looks at those and revise, cut out, so we eliminate some of the error and lack of execution. I think we need to make sure we move ahead that way and don't hurt ourselves with some of the things -- small penalties that we are hurting ourselves with, cadences and so forth, particularly offensively. As a football team goes, I think we have a good group of players that are going to perform and be pros, take a look at themselves, don't look any further than the end of their nose and know that our opportunity to be successful long-term lies right there in front of them. We've got to go about it and do it. We are where we are, and we have to move forward from this point on from a positive standpoint."

On if he would do anything different in hindsight:
"There's always a lot of things you'd do differently in hindsight."

On if penalties have affected play-calling:
"I can't go back in (offensive coordinator) Bob (Bratkowski)'s mind and know what he was thinking at second-and-six as opposed to it being first-and-13 (before the Buccaneers first interception). We've got to get the thing corrected. In my judgment that wasn't a foul (the penalty preceding that play), and that's an unfortunate thing, and we had a couple of those. But we have a chance to look at these things and get better with them."

On QB Carson Palmer noting that 'everything was a little off' in the Bucs game:
"I don't know that everything was a little bit off. I think we just have to go beyond, and that's the important part. We have 11 parts on each play, and not all of them are going to be perfect, but we ought to be able to overcome it and make it a positive outcome each and every time."

On practice changes for the bye week:
"I'll do what I had planned to do two weeks ago. We're going to get some of our young players a chance to go out and work. These are guys that haven't gotten as much of a chance within our own offense or defense so far."

On if he has talked with Adam Jones regarding the traffic incident involving Jones on Sunday night:
"I've talked with him quite a bit. He's disappointed that he would be put in that kind of light, and that's the end of the story. It's unfortunate it occurred. There's nothing to it, so people that made a story out of it, shame on them, and that's the way it is."

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