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Marvin Lewis news conference transcript

Opening Comments:

            "Not much has changed from the disappointment of losing the football game yesterday. We have some things we need to do better, some things we did very well, and for the second week in a row, we lost the last drive of the game. There's both negatives and positives there. They're negative because it happened. They're positive because we get a chance to build on it as we go forward."

How much can you take away from the how you played, going on the road, against a top team, or is this team beyond that?

            "I'm beyond it. The team is beyond it. This is the NFL, and there's nothing given for how you play. Like I said before, the negative is not getting it done, the positive is rehearsing the opportunity so next time around we get the game finished in a better outcome."

Did you feel back on your heels after their big third quarter 64-yard touchdown, because they scored two more unanswered TDs after that?

            "No. I think we have to put first downs upon first downs. They converted some third downs in those drives, which ended up being the difference."

Are you surprised with the pass protection issues as of late?

            "They were doing some things yesterday that Andy was able to avoid and step through and make plays. You just have to keep playing, identify things, and get it corrected. We lost occasionally, but all in all we protected the quarterback very well. We have to continue to better because we don't ever want him touched. I thought he did a very good job of avoiding the rush and feeling sometimes the loss of containment because of the overloads, and then stepping around and making plays. We have to do continue to do a good job on the perimeter in those situations; providing a target for him."

What did you take from Andy's night overall?

            "He missed a couple of throws. We obviously don't want to miss those deep ball layups. We missed at least one to Marvin (Jones). When get those situations, you have to take advantage of them every time you can."

Has there been anything different lately with Andy?

            "No. You just have to reset and make a good throw out there. The receivers always have to trust that he's coming to them all the time. They disappointed us a couple of times because they don't think they're getting it and then 'here it comes.' They always have to have the edge where 'I'm getting the ball'."

Do you think he overthrew Marvin Jones?

            "He just has to make a good throw out there, let us have an opportunity at the football."

What is the mindset of the team with the penalties?

            "We had a taunting penalty for throwing the ball at them, for them pushing us back. But we can't retaliate. The penalty on the sideline and the other penalties are things that are going to happen in the game. We didn't have a sloppy foul, which is a positive. The negative delay of game play I'll take on myself, because I thought we were going to get it off. I can see why the holding penalty is called, but the guy pulled us down on them and we're overpowering them. But I see the officials' side of it. The good thing is there's not the sloppy fouls. Those things are going to happen because people move and so forth."

Any comment on the block in the back call against Dre Kirkpatrick on the punt return?

            "I'm not going to comment penalty to penalty. Penalties were called, and we can't do anything about it. We have to keep doing a better job so there's no question about how we're doing it."

How did Josh Shaw do?

            "He handled himself very well."

Do you have any update on Darqueze Dennard?

            "I don't."

Was Coach Arians' accusation fair that you had been calling out (false offensive) signals on the defensive line?

            "(Laughs.) No, because of what we said, it wasn't even their cadence. It's supposedly not their cadence. "

Did the D-Line give any clarity on the penalty call against you for that?

            "It's over. I've let it go."

Is there any hindsight on that third-and-two play in the fourth quarter? The incompletion on the deep ball, instead of maybe just trying to make a first down?

            "We don't get to go back and hindsight it. It's easy to sit here after the fact and say, 'If we did this or that.' If we don't make the field goal (for a 31-31 tie) after we missed the third-and-two play,  its, 'Why didn't you go for a TD?' You can look back on it, but our quarterback does a nice job of making decisions, and we have lot of confidence in our players to be able to handle that situation (the deep incompletion on third-and-two).
            "We just would like to have a better outcome next time. We have to stop them and play defense. That's part of the NFL too. We had just as many opportunities as they did to sack, fumble, or intercept them at the end and win the game with another field goal. This is a football team, and you have to play all three phases at all times."

Do you like aggression usually in that situation on the road?

            "I don't care about home or road. You're playing to win the football game, whatever the moment is. Whether the moment is running the ball and taking the clock down or gaining the first down, we just have to keep playing. I only get one opportunity to make that decision. I don't get to go back on it later in the night or today."

Was it a good matchup with A.J. Green on the third-and-two pass?

            "It was a good matchup for us to take the shot at it."

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