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Lewis Post Practice Quotes 1/2


Cornerback Adam Jones being named as an Associated Press First Team All Pro this season. Do you feel that's pretty well-deserved?
    "Yeah. That's great. Very good."

Wide receiver A.J. Green did not practice again today; do you have any feel for where he is at in regards to playing this Sunday against Indianapolis?
    "Yeah, he's just going through the (concussion) protocol."

The protocol, earlier this season, was described as 'nebulous' …
    "I can't concern myself about it. When he gets cleared, he'll be out there ready to, full speed and playing as soon as he's cleared."

Has anything changed from yesterday to today regarding his status?

You're a little thin at wide receiver. You just called up Cobi Hamilton and Greg Little hasn't played much.
    "(We) can't invent anybody (laughs). We've got the guys we have, you know? They've been playing and the last couple of weeks, we've had Greg inactive and we were working with Dane (Sanzenbacher). Greg was playing the two weeks prior to that, so it's been two weeks that Greg's been out there working all the time."

How do you feel about the week of practice, the team's mindset and preparation?
    "It was a good week, good preparation – big game ahead of us."

You ever wonder how many shots you'll get at the playoffs?
    "You do, and that's the point to the football team. In order to get in, you don't just arrive back at this spot. You have to take full advantage of every opportunity you get at it."

You have a sense the team has a full understanding of that?
    "Oh yeah."

You can't go through what you've gone through the last three years with these guys and not have an understanding of that, right?

How many shots does a core group get?
    "Whatever it takes – that's all that matters. Whatever it takes."

Has it been a different week as far as focus is concerned?
    "Well I think when you get to the postseason, it always becomes more of a focused week on things. There are more demands in some ways, and the focus on the opponent and how important it is. I think everybody realizes that."

You've practiced at the University of Cincinnati the last couple of days … Was it because of the cold weather versus staying here at Paul Brown Stadium to practice today?
    "Wherever we practice is not really a big deal. I have to plan practice weeks in advance generally, sometimes. I knew it was going to be a cold week the first part of the week and it was very windy yesterday, so it was good to get out of the wind and go inside. Today was a normal day here in Cincinnati, so it was fine."

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