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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After The Bengals-Browns Week 1 Game of the 2023 Season

How did the calf feel? Did you notice it at all?

"Yeah, it felt good enough. Felt good enough."

How challenging were the elements?

"Obviously, when it's raining like that, something you have to handle. We didn't handle it today."

Did missing camp have any factor on today's game?

"It's tough to tell. A lot of variables that go into it."

What is going on in your mind right now?

"It's one week. Obviously, not up to our standard. Not up to my standard. We have 16 more of them, so we are going to keep trucking."

Did anything during this week's practice forecast the challenges today?

"We had a good week of practice. Stuff like this happens. We've been here before. We are going to come back stronger. Have a good week of practice. Get better this week. Come back next Sunday and hopefully get a win."

HC Zac Taylor said there were some good things from the offense today. What do you think?

"Yeah, I don't know. I don't know." Can you take much from a game like this? "It's a rep in the elements that you don't get a lot of. You live and you learn from it. We are going to come back. The next time we are in a game like that, we'll be more well equipped to handle those elements and come out on top."

What happened with the miscommunication with the receivers?

"That happens in Week 1. Obviously, those things happen when your quarterback doesn't perform in training camp. That was something, obviously, I would have liked to have done. There's no excuses. Obviously, not very good today. We have to be better."

Why was the communication poor?

"It's just some Week 1 stuff that happens everywhere. You see it across the league. That's something that everybody has to get cleaned up. We have to get it cleaned up and we will."

The Bengals found a way to overcome a 0-2 start last year. Is the mentality the same this year about overcoming?

"Nobody is panicking here. Week 1 doesn't define anybody's season. Obviously, not very good out there. Anybody who watched, saw that. But we've been in this spot before and we've come back stronger and had a great year. That's what we are going to do."

Did you feel, in the second half, there was momentum mustering?

"We had a nice little drive there. We were running the ball well. That's what you have to do in those elements. We had miscommunication here and there and we then, didn't come out with any points and that was a turning point in the game, I think."

What were they doing to stop WR Tee Higgins?

"They have really good corners. (CB) Denzel (Ward) and (CB Martin) Emerson (Jr.) are two of the better corners in the league. I think (CB Greg) Newsome (II) is a great Nickel too. They have a great secondary. Obviously, we weren't good enough and me putting the ball in the right place in our one-on-one situations. We just didn't come out on top today."