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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After The Bengals Beat The Cardinals 34-20

On how he felt in today's game overall:

"It was good, we still got a lot of room to improve. We left some yards and points out there but it was a good start."

On getting the win and the team's performance today compared to the first four weeks:

"Anytime you get a win it means a lot. In this league it is hard to win. So we're going to enjoy this one, come back tomorrow and focus on being 1-0 next week." On the 63-yard touchdown to WR Ja'Marr Chase: "Zac (Taylor) called a great play. I saw something at halftime that I really liked and that's credit to him. I don't know, I mean he (Ja'Marr) was open."

On moving around during his first touchdown pass and if that gave him confidence:

"That was big, for that exact reason like you said. It's something I haven't been able to do for the last couple of weeks. When your quarterback can't do that, can't steal first downs, can't extend plays, can't find guys downfield, it's tough to move the ball. So it felt good today and I'm going to continue to get healthier and I'm excited about that."

On taking a few hits knowing he would be okay with his injured calf:

"There were several plays at the beginning of the game that I was testing it out, and that kind of led to some of the runs in the second half." On whether scrambling for a first down gave him confidence with the injury: "It did, it did."

On if there was one play where he knew he felt like himself:

"It was the first touchdown, the first touchdown I was able to slide right, plant my leg, throw back across my body and after that I felt like I was pretty good. Obviously there have been a lot of moments where I thought it was good and it turned out not to be, so I have got to keep getting healthier, keep working on it, keep working on my body and it'll be good." On if it's a mental thing to play as well as he did today: "It was a lot of different things. I played okay. Ja'Marr played great as he always does. The offensive line played really well. It was a combination of a lot of things."

On WR Ja'Marr Chase's performance and getting him back on track:

"He's obviously one of the best in the league. So we're going to continue to feed him. We're going to find ways to move him around so teams can't take him away. We're going to continue to get better at that. He's going to continue to do what he does."

On connecting with the deep ball:

"We were able to connect on that one. We have to continue to connect on those. One means nothing if we go 0-for-12 in the next one. So we're going to continue to get better."

On Cardinals QB Kyler Murray reaching out to him about ACL recovery:

"We just talked about the process. I've been through it so I gave him some insight. He's a great guy and I was happy to talk with him. He's going to come back better than ever."

On if there's pressure to get back on the field after sustaining a torn ACL:

"Yes, as professional football players when you're not out there with your guys it's always really tough. But at the same time you know you have to think about your body, what's best for your career and what's best for the organization. So if you're not ready you can't come back. It's tough. I've been there but it is what it is, and it's part of this profession."

On how big of a deal it was to play complementary football today:

"It doesn't matter how well you play on offense, if your defense doesn't play well you're not going to win. So whenever you have a defense like that it makes our jobs easier. We have to continue to play complimentary football like you said."

On if this win can be a turning point in the season:

"This kind of feels like last year in New Orleans a little bit. It means nothing, like I said earlier, it means nothing if you don't go out there and build on it. We're going to celebrate tonight, but get back out there and work tomorrow."

On why this win feels like the Saints win last season:

"I knew we had to win it. We had to win in New Orleans last year too. So similar feeling."

On how close to 100 percent he is:

"I felt really good today. I'm going to continue to test it out in practice. See where I'm at on Tuesday. Usually a day after a game, two days after a game, it is a little sore. So we'll see how it feels these next couple days and continue to get healthier."

On what Bengals WR Trenton Irwin mean to the offense:

"Many, he was great. He was great today. We have so much depth in all positions across the team that I feel really good about. When you have a guy like Trenton come in when (Bengals WR) Tee (Higgins) goes down and come in the play the way that they did, it makes your job as a quarterback way easier because you know whatever the defense shows, you'll be able to spread the ball around and get it to the guy you think is open."

On if he feels the team showed some resilience today:

"Yes. By no means was it perfect. It was hard, that's a good defense and they were moving the ball well at times. So we had points in that game where we had to come up big and we did."

On his third touchdown today and how the play happened:

"They were doing a great job at the goal line stopping the run, so we called a little play-action and had to buy some time. And that's the kind of play that you don't get if your quarterback isn't mobile and can't slide and make that extra second count, and that's what we were able to do."

On if that touchdown was meaningful after the early struggles this season:

"Yes, it was something that I haven't been able to do these last couple of weeks. So getting back healthier, it's exciting."

On his outfit today:

"This was all free. The sweatshirt was made by my friend Mikah that I went to high school with. And the shoes are from my friend Scott, who most people know of as Kid Cudi. All my friends put this outfit together for me, so I got great friends. Thanks guys.