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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After The Bengals Beat The Seahawks in Week 6 of the 2023 Season



Was that the perfect example of complementary football?

       "Yes, our defense stepped up big in the second half. Offense was really good in the first half; we were horrible in the second half. So, we just have to be able to put together a complete game."

What changed after those first two drives?

       "We'll watch the tape and see."

What was your confidence in the defense it was trying to keep Seattle from scoring inside the 10-yard line?

       "I know they were going to make a play, but at the same time, I knew we had opportunities on offense to put it away and we didn't."

Last week you were able to improve the passing game, and you carried that over to the first half. Was it disappointing for you to not be able to carry the improved passing game through to the second half?

       "Yes, there were definitely opportunities that we had that we didn't capitalize on, but we got the win. It's a lot easier to fix things when you're 3-3 than if you had lost this one. So, I'm never going to apologize for a win."

How big is it, given how you guys started, that you're heading into the bye week 3-3?

       "The bye is coming at a good time — get some guys healthy, come back. We have a grind ahead of us, so we have to get better."

What was going right on the first couple of drives?

       "We were making plays; we were executing at a high level. In the second half, we weren't."

Did Seattle do anything to change your rhythm? Did you feel a different tempo to the game starting in the second half?

       "Yes, you have to give them credit. They made some adjustments that worked for them, and we didn't capitalize on our opportunities in the second half."

Would you say short-yardage situations is at the top of the list of things you need to fix in the second half of the season?

       "One of many."

Overall, how would you evaluate the offense?

       "[We're] not where we want to be – not where we want to be. We've had moments, but we just have to put it all together. So, we'll evaluate this week and go from them."

Did anyone give you a heads up to get the touchdown ball for Andrei Iosivas?

       "No. I knew it was his first one though."

What kind of confidence do you have in this defense in a game like that. You're on the sideline and the game is on the line and they're on third and fourth down near the goal line. What's that like for you?

       "Yes, like I said, I'm confident in their ability to get the job done, but I just kept reflecting on the moments that we had opportunities to put that game away when we didn't take advantage of."

Did you have words with Jamal Adams in the first half? Did you take exception to that hit?

       "No, that was just two tigers talking. It wasn't anything crazy."

Joe Mixon said this week that everything is still ahead of this team. You guys are still right on track. Do you feel that way and feel good about where you are going into the bye?

       "Yes, I feel good. Everything's ahead of us. This was a big win. Like I said, we have to get better though."

What did you think of Ja'Marr Chase's new chain?

       "I didn't see it."

It's a 7/11 chain ...

       "I like it then."

Is there a lot of conversation on the sideline, and more so when things aren't going well between you, Dan Pitcher and Zac Taylor even to try to get things right in the second half?

       "I wouldn't say there's more. There's always dialogue going on, talking about what we're seeing, what we want, what we think can work. So, that's always going on."

Zac Taylor called this winning ugly. Does winning ugly help you, particularly later in the season?

       "A win's a win. Like I said, I'll never apologize for a win. But win or loss, there's always room to improve."

Are you less happy or excited than you would be if it was the other way around and you played better in the second half?

       "I've learned winning is too hard in this league to not appreciate wins. So, I'm going to enjoy it, but like I said, there's still a lot of room to improve and a lot of room to grow."