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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After The Bengals Beat The Browns

QB Joe Burrow throws the ball during the third quarter of the Browns-Bengals game in Week 14 at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.
QB Joe Burrow throws the ball during the third quarter of the Browns-Bengals game in Week 14 at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio.



What was the turning point for the offense today?

       "It's tough to remember. We had three straight drives where we start deep and we're not really moving the ball and our defense bailed us out. That first quarter I wasn't playing very well. I was missing throws. (We) settled in there in the second half of the second quarter and from there we were moving the ball really well. The run game was good to us, Ja'Marr (Chase) was incredible like he always is, defense played great. Team win — team ugly win but we got it done."

How do you stay level-headed with all the injuries on offense?

       "I've got so much faith in the guys that come in for those guys. Trent (Taylor) and Trenton (Irwin) are guys that work really hard and know their stuff and are going to be right where I expect them to. That's really what it comes down to. I see those guys working hard every day and have so much faith in them."

How tight was the window on the touchdown pass to Ja'Marr Chase today, and how did the play unfold?

       "Yeah, that was a fun one. That's a route we like. Ja'Marr is really good at that route. They ended up rotating away from him and (I) found a window. It was a tight one but we got it in there."

It looked like you surprised Ja'Marr Chase a bit on the touchdown pass. Did he say anything to you?

       "I think he thought it was middle-open so he wasn't really getting the ball. Fortunately, when Ja'Marr doesn't think he's getting the ball, he's still the best receiver in the league."

What was the biggest adjustment you made in the second quarter after Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd were injured?

       "We didn't have to make an adjustment. That's what's great about those guys that come in for them. We have all the faith in the world that they're going to do the job. There can't be any drop off and there wasn't today."

What does Ja'Marr Chase's performance today, without Tee Higgins or Tyler Boyd, say about him?

       "He's incredible. You can move him around, he's going to make plays in different spots. You give him the ball, he's going to get five or six yards after contact every single time. He's just a great player that I'm lucky to play with."

Is it nice to not have to answer questions about losing to the Browns?

       "Well, we're still 1-4 against them so we've still got some work to do, but today was a good start."

Is DJ Reader playing at a Pro Bowl level?

       "He really is. It's tough to see from the sideline, but he's always around the ball, always penetrating, always in the backfield making plays. He's one of the best defensive tackles in the league and, for some reason, not really anybody knows about him. It's time people start knowing about him."

Ohio is historically seen as the Browns' state. Can you change that?

       "It is what it is. If people want to root for them, it is what it is. We love our fans. If you want to come on over, you can hop on the bandwagon."

Is there anything mentally that a win against the Browns does as you push towards the playoffs?

       "Not too much. We've been right there in all the games against them, we just haven't come out on top. Today we did. The defense played unbelievable, and that really ended up being the deciding factor in the game — how well they played. That's showing the kind of team we're becoming. We're able to win a lot of different ways. We've seen it over the last couple weeks, just winning on the defensive end, offensive end, kicking game — we're just a complete team right now."

What happened on the scramble play when you got the first down to Trenton Irwin?

       "Whenever we play those guys, they're so good on the defensive front. I always go in expecting to have to make some plays with my legs and get out of the pocket. Trenton did a great job of just finding some space. I talk about it all the time with him, he just makes opportunities for himself. I got it in his hands and he went and got the first down for us."

What did you think of Samaje Perine's run right afterwards?

       "It was incredible. Samaje is a beast."

How did Joe Mixon look today coming out of concussion protocol?

       "He looked great. He ran really hard, found the holes. I thought he played really, really well."

How nice is it to have Joe Mixon back with Samaje Perine by his side?

       "It's great having two guys like that because they're not going to be able to run the ball every single play. So when you take one out, there's no drop-off to the next guy. That's great depth to have in your running back room."

What does it say about this team that you were able to deal with adversity early on in the game?

       "It was a big win. Like I said, defense stepped up early until the offense found their footing, then we started moving the ball. Another tipped ball interception — feels like that's the only way I throw interceptions these days. That's frustrating, but it is what it is. Defense stepped up big time in the fourth quarter to seal the game for us."

What made that the right time to call the flea flicker, and how often do you work on plays like that?

       "It depends on the week. We always have that one in our back pocket. It was Tee (Higgins) throughout the week — that just goes to show that Trenton Irwin studies his stuff and knows every position. He's going to get thrown in there if somebody goes down, so credit to him. We were running the ball well at that point, that's why it ended up working."

Are the tipped interceptions just bad luck, or is there something you can do?

       "Everybody always wants to talk about tips and how you combat against that — you really can't. There's too much stuff going on to have to worry about that. When you play really good defensive ends and defensive linemen, they know that's part of their game, that they're going to have to do that sometimes, especially when I'm getting the ball out as quickly as I like to. He made a great play."

Do you notice teams resorting to that more?

"Yeah, I do."