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Everything Joe Burrow Had To Say After the Bengals Beat the Buccaneers 34-23

QB Joe Burrow prepares to throw the ball during the first quarter of the Bengals-Buccaneers game in Week 15 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida on Sunday, December 18 2022.
QB Joe Burrow prepares to throw the ball during the first quarter of the Bengals-Buccaneers game in Week 15 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida on Sunday, December 18 2022.

(On how big this win is and how he feels about it)

"Not one of my favorites. I mean it was an exciting game but an ugly one that we were able to pull out and that just goes to show you that teams, like we have, they just find ways to win games. We keep just talking about it and guys just keep stepping up and making big time plays for us."

(On what bothered him most about how the game started)

"Yeah, well the first drive was going great and then we had another tipped ball interception and then we just couldn't get going after that. They were doing a good job on defense, mixing up the looks and making it tough on us. In the second half, defense and special teams really, really stepped up and put us in great field position all day and we were able to take advantage during that second half."

(On how big the last drive of the first half was)

"Yeah, I think that really started the momentum. I think all year we've really been a good two-minute team. I feel really good about our calls in that situation and we were able to go right down the field and get some points right before the half that was much needed –

cut it to a two score game instead of three. So that was a big point in the game."

(On if the tempo in the second half was the difference)

"Maybe a little bit. I'd have to watch the film and see but really at the end of the day it was just the defense and special teams putting us in great position to go and score."

(On if the field position was the difference in the second half)

"It was really the turning point of the game right there. Defense and special teams stepping up and getting us the ball, four straight possessions inside the 50."

(On if he has had that many short fields in one game)

"I don't think so. Very unique. No, I mean, I'll take touchdown opportunities all day."

(On WR Tyler Boyd playing with an injured finger during the game)

"I mean he was gritty all day. That shows his toughness, his leadership, his commitment to the team and organization. He played really well today for us and stepped up in some big spots."

(On what the win says about the team)

"We're never out of it. I mean we've been in these situations before and we always come back and make it a game. Today we were able to come back and really put them away there in the second half."

(On if there is a different level of belief compared to previous years)

"No, it's really been the same. We've felt really good about our coaches, our players and our scheme – really both years. So when we get in these situations, we never panic. We know somebody is going to make a play to put us right back in it."

(On how much the team needed this type of game before the playoffs)

"It's really felt like the last four weeks have all been tough wins. Playing some really good teams and some really good defenses. We've risen to the challenge just about every week. Continued to play well in big spots. Guys making plays in big spots. So that's exciting."

(On his touchdown to WR Tyler Boyd)

"They were doubling Ja'Marr [Chase] and TB [Tyler Boyd] had a one-on-one so there were three guys over there but I knew two of them were going cover Ja'Marr. So I knew I had TB on a route that we liked, that we practiced."

(On if he had any problems with his pinky finger injury)

"Nothing bad. Nothing serious."

(On what his touchdown to TE Mitchell Wilcox meant to him and the team)

"It was an exciting moment – him being from the area. We knew that call was going to come up in a situation like that and so we had practiced it. We were kind of making fun of him, talking about what he was going to do when he scored. We had talked about it all week, how that was going to come up in a big-time spot and it was an exciting moment."

(On made the difference in the second half)

"Really, special teams really started it off strong. We got two kickoffs inside the 10 [-yard line] – great. Pushed them back. Defense played great and got us the ball inside the 50. A lot of turnovers. That really sparked our momentum."

(On how important the last drive was before halftime)

"That was big. Gave us a lot of momentum. We felt good about where we were at halftime. We had a bunch of three-and-outs but we felt really good about the calls that were coming up. We just had to go in and execute them and we did in the second half."

(On if anyone talked about or referenced the Minnesota Vikings comeback win)

"No, nobody talked about that. We were focused on what we were going to do."

(On if he talked to Tom Brady)

"Yeah, we said good game after the game."

(On if he heard QB Tom Brady's comment about Bengals defense)

"No. What are you talking about? I don't know what you're talking about."

(On Tom Brady saying the Bengals are a fairly tough defense)

"Oh I'm sure he didn't mean any disrespect by that. Our defense is very tough and I'm sure that's all he was trying to get across."

(On hearing the Who Dey chant at an away game)

"Yeah, our fans have really been traveling well all year. That gives us a lot of confidence and excitement that the fans care that much about what we're trying to do as a team."

(On if he watched the Baltimore Ravens game yesterday)

"Yeah we were watching it. I always try to watch those division games. Especially teams that you have to play coming up."

(On if the mentality changes protecting a division lead)

"Still gotta win all the games. It's going to come down to that last one. Still gotta take care of business here in the next couple of weeks. We've got a short week this week. Gotta go to New England on a Saturday so we gotta get our bodies right and get the work in [that] we need in a short amount of time."