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Everything Jake Browning Had To Say After The Bengals-Ravens Game in Week 11

(on his game performance)"I felt calm the whole time. I felt like I was throwing the ball where I wanted to. Obviously, I had too many three-and-outs and put our defense in a tough situation. Even when Joe [Burrow] goes down, I'm going into the game fully expecting to win, so I'm pissed that we lost." 

(on what went through his head when he found out he was going into the game) "I saw when [Joe Burrow] threw that he grabbed it, so I started warming up a little bit then, but that is kind of what I have to run through every week. Everyone is hoping that everyone stays healthy, but it is kind of my job to say, 'Alright, what if [Joe Burrow] gets hurt?' I have to prepare like he is going to get hurt. So, for me, I think I kind of ran through that scenario. Before every game, I kind of think through that scenario, so when it does happen, it is not the first time it is all happening in my head. So, I felt calm, felt like we were going to go out and win the game, and obviously, we didn't do enough. [We got some] first downs [and] some drives going but had too many three-and-outs. Like I said, when I went in, 'Here we go. Let's win the game,' but unfortunately, we weren't able to do that." 

(on if he knows if QB Joe Burrow will be ready to start)"No, I don't [know]. Yes, for sure. I think having a short week and playing in basically the first non-preseason game I have played in since I think like the 2020 Rose Bowl … So yes, I definitely think I have some stuff to build on, and I got some reps. It will be nice to see myself on tape and be able to critique that and see what I can do better. As far as [Joe Burrow], I have no idea. You will have to ask him or [Head Coach Zac Taylor] or someone who has knowledge on that. But I'm going to prepare like I'm the guy, like I do every week." 

(on a sideline conversation between him and QB Joe Burrow) "I had no idea. Everyone started asking about this wrist thing. I had no idea why. I thought they were talking about someone else on the team." 

(on what the conversation was like when he was coming off the field after the first drive) "I was kind of switching roles, where I was like, 'Damn I wish I would have done this.' [Joe Burrow] was like, I think you threw it to the right guy, and it was an accurate ball.' So, it was kind of like a reassurance; it was kind of like role reversal, where [Joe Burrow] was saying, 'You're playing well, and keep moving around, and stuff like that.' It was good. It was how you would expect from [Joe Burrow]. He's pretty self-aware and tried to do everything he can to help us out. But unfortunately, we couldn't get it done." 

(on going up against a No. 1 defense)"I've got a lot of confidence in myself. I think I'm borderline delusional when it comes to optimism; like, 'Hey, I'm going to go win the game.' But it is subjectively a tough situation. My first real non-preseason NFL action against the No. 1 defense in a short week. But, it's why I have a job. If [Joe Burrow] goes down, I go in and try to win the game." 

(on how the team felt when QB Joe Burrow left the game) "As far as the team, we just keep fighting one practice at a time. Kind of what [Head Coach Zac Taylor] said after the game, [and] Joe Mixon said the same thing; just one practice at a time. I think if it is a situation where I am the guy moving forward and I have to play, then obviously the mindset is just one practice at a time and just keep trying to get better. I've done that on practice squads and in practice for a couple years now. I've always kind of gone through what my opportunity becomes; here is what my routine would look like. So, I feel ahead of the ball on that and follow coach's advice one practice at a time. Just keep rolling. I mean, I watched it from the sideline – the ups and downs of the season. [It] seems like every year I've been here, we start off slow and then something happens. You're either a Super Bowl winner, or you are the worst team in the NFL. It's kind of a roller coaster that comes with the job." 

(on the biggest part of his routine to help him stay ready) "I just think going through and being prepared and not overthinking it too much. What would this be like, kind of playing in my head? 'Hey, here is what it is going to feel like when [Joe Burrow] goes down, and I go in,' so when it happens, I feel prepared for it." 

(on people questioning his abilities, and his own confidence) "I think that most of the people that think that are outside of this locker room. I think going into the Monday night game, where I looked like I was going to play up until the last second, it was kind of encouraging for me. [There was] a sense of optimism and excitement around [getting] a shot to play, and not a sense of doom and gloom. I think it is kind of the same thing. I get a lot of confidence going against our defense every day. That's obviously a very good defense, but I've been doing scout teams for a while. You are running the worst play against the worst look, so it was nice to go run some plays, and I have all these people open. So, I've kind of been preparing like I'm going to be the guy. I get a lot of confidence from my teammates and keep pushing." 

(on what the main objective was when he got on the field) "Just stay in the moment, play-by-play. On the sideline, I probably looked like I was zoning out. I was staying in the mindset of one play at a time. Don't look at the score, don't look at whatever. Don't think about the situation or anything like that. Just what's the play, run the play." 

(on the most encouraging thing he can take into the future) "Like I said, I have a ton of confidence in myself. I guess there is maybe more, but we lost, so it is kind of a weird thing. But I didn't feel like I was out of place or anything like that. I didn't really feel that way coming in either. I have had a lot of really good years on practice squads waiting for an opportunity, so [if] this opportunity continues going forward, I have a lot of confidence in myself, [and] I think my teammates do too. So, that just kind of stacks on top of each other, and we will see what it looks like going forward."