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Everything Jake Browning Had To Say After The Bengals-Chiefs Game in Week 17 of the 2023 Season

Q: How frustrating was it on that first drive in the second half to go all the way down the field and come up with no points?
BROWNING: "Very. We've got to do better in the red zone and find ways to convert in short yardage. I think the best way to avoid having to convert short yardage is to just get first downs. It's an obvious statement to come away with no points is brutal."

Q: Can you explain what happened on those last few plays with the sacks?
BROWNING: "I think in that situation we're hanging on, we're behind the sticks and you're hanging on for some longer developing routes because you have to. I don't know what exactly happened. My eyes were down field trying to throw the ball to somebody to convert. That's that."

Q: On that fourth down play, you looked pretty angry. Were you angry at the result?
BROWNING: "Angry at the result."

Q: How impressive was Ja'Marr [Chase] and Tee [Higgins] playing how they did even though they weren't 100%?
BROWNING: "I think you get to this part of the season and everybody is banged up. I think it's impressive. We need them out there. They're a big part of our offense. At this point in the season, everybody is dealing with something and obviously, they were dealing with something significant, so to keep battling is good. The standard is you're going to play through some stuff and we really needed that win, so it's impressive but it's kind of the expectation, too."

Q: How tough is it to have a loss like this in such a meaningful time in the season?
BROWNING: "I think it sucks to lose when you're still in the race. There's no real crazy insightful comment there, it just sucks to lose anytime, especially when you needed that win to keep battling. Like I said with the standard of the locker room of guys playing through injuries. I don't know what the playoff picture looks like, but I think the standard that was established even before I got here was to just keep battling and so that's what we're going to do." 

Q: What did you see on that 4th-and-1 play?
BROWNING: "The D-Line out charged and the linebacker ran through the middle. It's a tough thing to deal with. They called the play, I got my rules, I followed my rules, ran the play but my rules tell me to run and unfortunately, it didn't work."

Q: You ran a lot of plays with your feet. Did you think that was possible coming into the game or was that reactionary to what you were seeing?
BROWNING: "I think it was possible. They do a lot of doubling people. When they do that, they don't necessarily have someone for me. I was able to do that in the first half. I think they made adjustments and started spying in the second half. Props to them for that."

Q: What have you learned about the locker room while being the leader of this team for the last six weeks?
BROWNING: "I think the locker room is what I thought it was. People are going to keep battling. I'm still processing the loss and it sucks, so I don't have anything super insightful there. It's a great locker room. It starts with who you bring in the locker room, people who are going to keep battling. I felt a lot of support throughout the last couple of weeks, especially coming off a poor performance with the Steelers game. I didn't feel like anybody was pointing fingers. We were just focused on what everybody needs to do to get better. That's kind of my comments on that."

Q: You put up 17 points in the first half but nothing in the second half. What happened there? They started spying on you but did they make any other big adjustments that you noticed?
BROWNING: "They made some good adjustments at halftime. They started doubling guys, spying as well. It was tough. It was tough to tell who was getting doubled, they mixed it up. It was a good scheme, good players. We didn't do enough to get it done."

Q: You have a small sample size as a starter but a lot of your teammates talked about emotions being heightened for this game. How did you feel that the emotions of this game compared to your other starts of the season?
BROWNING: "I kind of detach from all of that. I have to in order to play well. I didn't really feel any crazy difference in emotions or anything like that, but I kind of intentionally ignore all of it and just try to do my job.