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Everything Ja'Marr Chase Had To Say After The Bengals Beat The Cardinals 34-20

On setting the Bengals single game receptions record:

"I didn't know, but I asked (QB) Jake (Browning) on the sideline, 'What's the record of most catches in a game?"

On what he saw on his 63-yard touchdown reception:

"Basically it was a post from the split of the field. I saw it was coming to a single safety. Once I saw the safety get out of there I knew it was a touchdown. It was just like we drew up from practice. Perfect play, perfect play call."

On Bengals QB Joe Burrow's 63-yard touchdown pass:

"Outstanding throw. Joe told me after the play "I didn't overthrow you that time."

On when he knew Burrow was playing like himself:

"When I saw him take off the second time. Not the first time, but the second time. I thought it was crazy the second time, honestly."

On if he did anything special to get open on his long touchdown:

"No, my job was just to run fast with speed across the field and let Joe throw it there."

On if the offense is closer to being back on track:

"We've taken a step closer to who we really are. We keep facing adversity this year. It's not going to be an easy season and right now we just keep taking it step by step into next week."

On his celebration following his second touchdown of the game:

"No, I just didn't know what to do with the celebration. I haven't been planning any celebrations honestly. I haven't been in the endzone so I've got to start planning them now."

On if he moved where Burrow was pointing on his first touchdown:

"No, that was my route. He just threw the ball early. That was my route."

On if Burrow looked like his old self on the first touchdown of the game:

"He was moving in the pocket a good bit on that play if I'm not mistaken. He looked really good from my perspective. When I saw him look at me that's when I got out of my route and he just got me the ball."

On if he's going to start planning touchdown celebrations:


On if his performance felt normal:

"It felt fun, let me say that. It didn't feel normal. It felt fun. It's fun when you're having fun."

On if the game felt like a turning point for the season:

"Definitely, you could say that. We definitely needed this win. We needed that New Orleans win (last season) bad too. I just want to say we're making the right steps forward right now. Just keep pushing and moving forward."

On the route he ran on his third touchdown:

"The route was a slant, but he walled me off inside. The play before I was messing with him and it was a run play. I was just messing with him and they gave him a good release like a slant. The very next play, they came back and walled me off on a slant, and I just went over the top of him and Joe scrambled. I just stayed with Joe like a scramble drill."

On what it's like being in the scramble drill with Burrow:

"I'm always alert when he's running. It doesn't matter if he's in the pocket still. If the play breaks down I'm always alert to get out of there and try to make a play for the team."

On why he and Burrow work so well together:

"We're always talking."

On his performance this week compared to last week:

"7/11. That's all I've got to say, brother."

On if he impressed himself with his performance:

"No, we're just a very great team when we have great play calling. Receivers did an outstanding job on assignments today. Offensive line did great up front in giving Joe time to throw the ball today and we looked good out there."

On if the Cardinals put pressure on Burrow:

"They didn't pressure too many times. Any time we checked it out of the zero blitz (inaudible) we checked out of it every time."

On whether he got pressed:

"I didn't get pressed I don't think the whole game. I got pressed one time on a slant, but I didn't catch it."

On what the offense's performance without WR Tee Higgins says about their ability:

"We know how good we are, and Tee is just that other piece that we have and that weapon. Right now we're just figuring out what else we can do right now. We have a lot of other people we have in the team we can use. We're just using the pieces we have and making plays."

On breaking the franchise record for catches in a single game:

"It feels good, but that wasn't my goal to break that record. I didn't know that was going to happen. I just caught as many passes as I could if they came my way."

On the long term confidence it gives the team when QB Joe Burrow plays like he did:

It shows us who we really are. We already knew what we were capable of from the jump. We've definitely faced adversity from the jump, and right now we're just getting that wagon going again and moving forward.

On if QB Joe Burrow is back:

"What did he look like today? He looked pretty good to me. I'm not going to answer that. I think y'all can see."

On if he would start Burrow in fantasy football:

"I don't even know how to log into that."

On where he was lined up on his touchdown plays:

"I think I was outside the majority of them, but I was still getting moved around alot today."

On his Deion Sanders celebration:

"I did. I don't know where that came from. That just came out of the hat."

On what goes through his head when QB Joe Burrow scrambles for yardage:

"I looked around and turned to (WR) Tee (Higgins) and said 'Tee, what the hell is he doing?' I don't know if Tee heard me but I definitely have turned around at Tee like, 'What the hell?'"

On whether he thinks QB Joe Burrow should be running now:

"If he feels good and feels like he can run, do it. I'm not going to tell him what to do. He already doesn't listen to me."

On his thoughts on the win:

"I'm just happy we got the win at the end of the day. That's what matters the most. Going back home to Cincinnati with the win."

On what he did with his game balls:

"I gave two to my day, and I kept the third one. He just wanted a ball so why not."