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Dalton News Conference Transcript 10/14

Andy Dalton News Conference

Paul Brown Stadium

October 14, 2015


You've gone against Rex Ryan-coached defenses. What stood out about them?     "They play really hard, and they give you so many different looks, and different things that they do, so they make you prepare for a lot of different things. They do a really good job in their blitz packages, try to disguise things. For us, we have to be sharp with everything we're doing with the preparation."

When you're on a roll like you are now, how much do you look forward to the next game?

            "I think it just goes to show how hard we've been working and the preparation that we've done throughout the week. I think we've got a really good plan in place in how we're going about doing things, and it's been paying off big-time for us. We just need to keep this roll going."

What does Tyler Eifert  bring to the offense?

            "Tyler's such a special player, so he allows us to do a lot of different things. He matches up well against a lot of different players that they try to put on him. Sometimes it's a corner, sometimes it's a safety, sometimes it's a linebacker, you never know. But we feel like just his presence out there can change things up. It showed in the game on Sunday. He was able to get open in the seam a couple times for two big scores that we needed to have."

What do you see in his pass blocking? Is that something he has improved on?

            "It's something that's part of what you do as a tight end. I think he keeps getting better and better. I don't think he pass blocked a bunch in college, but he's a guy who plays really hard, and he's gotten a lot better in pass protection."

When Eifert was hurt last year, did you have to go away from part of the playbook?

            "Well, last year we had different guys. We also had Jermaine (Gresham). So we kind of had two threats out there at the start of the season, and we lost Tyler early on. We're real fortunate to have him back and playing the way he is."

Rex Ryan gives you crazy looks, and in that situation the tight end can be security...

            "Yeah, we feel like with different things that go on, different looks that you get, you get matchups with the tight end. With all the different stuff, there's going to be different guys that get involved."

Mohamed Sanu emerged last week, you have so many options now, how do you keep them all involved?

            "It's play-by-play. That's one thing that this team, this offense knows, and all the skill players know it: Different guys are going to get involved at different times, and they understand that. Sometimes it could be a two- or three-catch game, and other times you could have five, six, seven, eight catches. You just never know. The good thing is that we have a lot of guys who are team players and understand that, and they know that when their time is called, they're going to make plays. I think that showed with Mo last week. I think he had more catches in the game than he had in any other, but it was a crucial part to get him involved in those situations."

After this game, you have a bye. Does that put more emphasis on this game to not look forward?

            "The importance of this one is even bigger, knowing we have a week off next week. So the fact we have the bye after this one, you have to push really hard this week and prepare more than you ever have for this one because you know you get a little more time after this week."

Buffalo has a lot of crowd noise. Communication will be important, won't it?

            "Definitely. Communication's always big when you go on the road. We know the environment that we're going to get -- it's going to be loud. We're going to get a ton of different looks from their defense. But that's what we prepare for. We have to make sure we're communicating it as well as we can. That's going to give us our best chance."

A.J. Green said after Sunday's game, you're more of a leader in the meetings. How does it change your mindset being more of a captain?

            "I wouldn't say I'm more of a captain; I've had that 'C' on my chest the last four years. It's kind of part of what's been asked of me and what I feel is necessary for us to see, so the receivers and different guys are seeing what I'm seeing so we're all on the same page. It's kind of part of what our process is, and it's been working out."

Has it helped your communication with everyone?

            "I think so. I think guys understand what I'm seeing and what I expect from them and vice versa. In that situation, it's definitely helped us with just communicating, and knowing when guys are going to be in certain spots and being in the right spot.

You've had very few communication issues this season. Is it the amount of work you have put into it?

            "We've put in a lot of work, and the way that we're coached by all the coaches makes us get into a good rhythm and understand where guys are going to be. It's all the work that you put in.

The national narrative about you has changed with your performance. How do you feel about that?

            "When you want people talking about you, you don't want them talking negatively about you. Obviously I've had to bear a lot of it. But we're 5-0 right now, hopefully at the end of the year they're still talking the same way."

You've dealt with a lot of negative, now positive press. Andrew Luck dealt with positive press and is now getting criticized. Is it crazy how that can turn?

            "Yeah, I think everybody understands it's what have you done for me lately. It's kind of the nature of this business. But Andrew's accomplished a lot since he's been in this league. I feel I've accomplished a lot since being in this league. And you have to know what to listen to and what not."

You've faced the Jets when Ryan was their coach. You threw five TDs against them. Do you watch that film and take something from it?

            "You just kind of see the flow of the game and how they go about playing different things. Obviously we'll see some of that tape, but there's also been a lot of games played since then. I think we can take some things from that tape and look at it and see different ways that we can attack."

Buffalo's defense is built the same way the Bengals defense is...

            "Yeah their front four is really good, and we understand that. That's a big part of his style of defense. Being able to have those types of guys up front. Like I said, it's going to be a good test for us."

With everybody healthy, does it feel like you're playing with a full deck now?

            "We have everybody back now, and this is kind of how it was in 2013. We had our crew going. So we've been very fortunate offensively to not have anything that's taking guys out. We obviously understand the nature of the game, and things are going to happen, but if you can stay healthy, that definitely puts you at an advantage."

Neil deGrasse Tyson says the earth's rotation had something to do with Mike Nugent's kick bouncing off the upright and going through. Do you feel like the force is with you?

            "I think the earth rotates all the time, doesn't it? (laughs). So, I guess every kick is caused by something. Mike made it, and that's all that matters.

Do you take the earth's rotation into account when you throw the deep ball?

            "Yeah, I've got to adjust for that" (laughs).

While we're talking nonsense, you're wearing your Bengals cap backward, and people are going to say Andy's focused; Does it ever surprise you how fans talk about every little thing you do?

            "I was talking to somebody, and I was wearing my hat forward, and he said he couldn't see my face, so I put my hat backward. I did my hair last week. I mean, different ways to see this (face) right here."

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