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Dalton News Conference Transcript 06/16

Andy Dalton News Conference

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Paul Brown Stadium

June 16, 2015

You worked again this offseason with Tom House. Did you start over or pick up where left off last year?

"I started where I left off. I was farther along with everything we were doing when I went back this year. That's where I want to be. I'm able to do a lot of the more advanced stuff they have out there because I have a good understanding for what we are doing. I've got a good understanding and feel for what we are trying to do." 

How long have some guys been working with him?

"(Drew) Brees was his first guy, so it's been a while. I think they were actually neighbors, that's how it kind of got started, and (Tom) Brady has been the last couple years. I think guys are starting to hear about him. It's been good." 

What is the oddest thing he had you do?

"It's not stuff that is strange or different. Just everything you do is working core, shoulders, get everything working for you so you get everything into the throw. There's just a lot of drills and exercises you do that help with that." 

A pitching motion is different from a throwing motion, how do you combat that?

"When he got into it, after being in baseball, he had to figure out. There's going to be some differences. There's a lot of similarities though, because it's not just baseball players and quarterbacks, it's also golfers and tennis players that are out there. It's all rotational athletes. There's a lot of things that go hand in hand with all the different sports and how it correlates with different things. We're even swinging baseball bats and doing different things because it helps loosen the core up and get everything in sync. He's so smart and he has so many different degrees in this area. He's got a great understanding to what he's doing." 

Any particular area you wanted to improve?

"Mechanically staying sound throughout the whole year. One thing that happens sometimes is you get into the mid-to-late season, you have been so focused on defenses and the mental side of it, you may not take as much time thinking mechanically and making sure everything is in sync. That's where I'm really trying to use it; to make sure I have everything going for me toward the end of the season."

So less going back to old stuff?

"Yeah, I feel like I've done it now where it is muscle memory. Talking back and forth with them, doing things, and doing them right. I've done it enough now that it's muscle memory." 

How weird is it to look out and see the receivers -- A.J., Marvin, Mo -- all of them back (from assorted injuries). Is it weird having everyone together?

"Yeah, I think it's been since 2013. It's nice to have everybody back out and healthy again. There's a lot of talent out there. Hopefully these guys will stay healthy. Injuries are going to happen, but hopefully they don't happen this year." 

What you have across the board, do you think that is as good skill position package as any in NFL?

"Definitely. I feel like we've done a good job of bringing guys in and drafting guys that have a lot of talent. I'm confident in all those guys. I feel we've got a really strong group and not just the receiver position. The running back position, even tight ends. We feel like we are really talented." 

You've been durable yourself, what do you attribute it to?

"I think it's knowing how to take a hit and when not to take a hit. That's part of it. I've been fortunate. I just haven't had anything happen. I thank God for that."

What have been your impressions of AJ McCarron so far?

"He's done really well. It's been fun to see the things he's been able to do. From last year to this year there's been a big improvement mechanically and a lot of other different things. Last year his shoulder was bothering him so it changed some things mechanically for him. He needed to compensate in other areas. Now he's back to himself, and the ball is coming out of his hand really well."

How do you take on a role in helping him?

            "How I see things on the field, in certain situations, looks, getting to different things, and what triggers me to get to know what's coming. The mental side of it is where I'm really trying to help."

A lot of people talk about big jumps between year one and year two with coordinators.  With Hue entering his second year, do you expect that big jump?

            "We do. We feel like we have a talented group, we just have to put it all together. We're excited about the year and excited about what we have coming up. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Have you noticed any tangible difference in Hue between his first and second year here?

            "I think he has high expectations for this group, as he should. We have high expectations for ourselves. He pushes us really hard, and that's what we need. We want everyone to play at their best and to expect to play at their best. I think his personality really pushes guys to get there."

Has he been pushing you harder this year?

            "I think in different things. We have a good relationship and I think there's times he knows when I need to be pushed, and that's what I need."

Have you gone home cursing him yet?

            (Laughs.) "No I haven't. I don't think I've done anything that has warranted that."   

Do you think the offense is starting to adopt Hue's mindset?

            "Definitely. It's one thing we've talked about a lot since being back; the mindset of what we're going to do and the type of attitude it takes. It's been good."

How does the offense take on Hue's personality?

"The one thing that he says is that he wants our personalities to show. You have to be playing well for that to happen and you have to be doing the right thing. I think it's just a mindset that everyone has to have. We may have it here but we don't always show it all the time. It's about showing it and some guys being more vocal. Not being comfortable where we are and pushing to be the best."

Hue is an interesting guy in that he believes in the physicality of the game but also the chess match part as well. He did a lot of creative things last year with the offense. How much fun is to be around a coach with that mentality?

"It's great. We try to find an advantage any way that we can and we try to use it to our advantage. I think that's a big thing and obviously playing in this division and in this game, you have to be physical. You have to be able to run the ball and you have to be able to do different things. You're not going to line up in the same formation every play. Things are going to change and we are going to try to give you different looks to gain that advantage."

I don't think Jeremy Hill has taken a snap with Tyler Eifert or Marvin Jones in a game. Is this the most balanced and best offense you've ever had?

"I'd like to think so. We have to keep everybody healthy and we have to get everyone going into the year. Like I said, we have high expectations for this group."

Different side of the ball, but what does it mean to the have Devon Still back in the locker room?

"It's big. He's gone through a lot. Just to have him back here and know he's got a little chance to get away from what's going on and get back to football. He's a guy that we support so much with all the stuff he's going through with Leah. You know he's not the only going through tough stuff either. There's been other things that have happened so I think that is one thing that's great about this locker room. We support each other and we're there for the guys that need it."

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