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Boyd, Vigil News Conference Transcript

Cincinnati Bengals

news conference transcript




Head coach

Initial comments ...

        "As I said yesterday, when we were fortunate enough to draft both these young men, it's exciting when you have a chance to go through the process. All the time the scouts spend on this, and then as coaches we get involved and we get into the evaluation process. I'm sure for them it's the same thing. They go through their college season and they try to go as far as they can go, and then they jump right in the draft process.

        "It's rewarding when we can bring talented young guys here. After today, we get a chance to do real football stuff again. We get to do real football with real players. I'm excited that we got a couple of real guys. We drafted a couple already today again. So I really feel good about these players, not only helping this year, but for a long time in the future."

The common denominator to these two is their versatility. They both played all over the football field ...

        "They both played as young players, and that's good. Yes, they've done a lot for their teams, but they've been kind of nuts-and-bolts guys too, which as we know works well here. One's from Pittsburgh (near Lewis' hometown) and one's close to Idaho State (Lewis' alma mater)."


Wide receiver




What was your reaction when you got drafted by the Bengals?

        Vigil: "I was surprised. I hadn't had much contact with them throughout this whole process. When I got the call, actually, my phone dropped the call. I saw 'Cincinnati, Ohio,' and I saw their pick was coming up, and I kind of panicked a little bit. Good thing my mom had her phone on her, and they ended up calling her. She handed me the phone and it was pure excitement."

How about you Tyler, what was it like when you got the call from the Bengals?

        Boyd: "I was just overwhelmed with joy. Just to share the moment with all my friends and family. I had an idea, but not certain, that I would end up here. I had contact with them down at the Combine. I had a formal interview with them. So I knew they were interested in the receiver position. So it came and I'm real happy and excited about it."

Is it fair to say that versatility is one of your biggest strengths?

        Boyd: "Definitely, because they can utilize me in a lot of different ways, create a lot of mismatches, create a whole bunch of problems the defense can't figure out. I can definitely ease the stress off of AJ (Green). Just move me around anywhere — slot, outside or running back; anywhere just to create mismatches."

Nick you played some running back as well as linebacker ...

        Vigil: "Yeah I don't know how good I was at running back. I'm sure those days are over (laughs). Yeah, I played in a 3-4 defense in college. I played all four linebacker positions throughout my three years of playing. I was a four-team special teams starter for a while there as a freshman. So anything I can do to help this team win I'm willing to do."

How much before the draft did you keep an eye on teams that had a need for receivers?

        Boyd: "There was pretty much one team I felt that I could fit in well, the Panthers. But once they didn't go to a receiver in the first round, I kind of felt that wasn't going to be the place for me. I know lots of teams needed receivers. I knew Cincy needed a receiver and that once I had the opportunity, I could come in and follow after great guys like I mentioned — A.J. Green, Brandon LaFell, those older vets. It's great for me to be mentored by great vets like those guys."

Do you feel like you can fit in schematically in the Bengals defense after playing in a 3-4 defense in college?

        Vigil: "Yeah there's no problem. I've played off-the-ball linebacker for most of my career, so that's what it is in a 4-3 defense, and I feel pretty comfortable being to play in it."

How fortunate do you feel to end up being drafted by a team that has won a lot of games over the past few seasons?

        Vigil: "Yeah, the culture here is obviously fantastic. They've won consistently over the past few years. They've got a great foundation set by the coaches and the ownership. And they've got a bunch of core players who've been really good for a long time. So I couldn't have asked for a better place to go."

Tyler, do you worry about things like that before the draft? Since you can't control where you go, do you hope you go to a place that is ready to win?

        Boyd: "Definitely. Because us (draft picks) coming in is basically the missing pieces to this organization. A lot of core guys have been playing here for a long time. They've been going to the playoffs but haven't excelled to the next step, like the Super Bowl. So I feel like they drafted the right guys."

Nick, what has your brother Zach, who plays for the Dolphins, told you about being a rookie in the NFL?

        Vigil: "He said it's a lot. He said it's going to be the hardest year of your life, and it's going to be hectic and you're going to just have to take it all in. And just to act professional, because it's a job, so treat it like it."

Did you get a chance to go to any of his games with the Dolphins once your season ended?

        Vigil: "No, I didn't. I was hoping to be able to make it out to his last one, but I wasn't able to. That was a little bit of a bummer."

Growing up in Utah, have you ever been to an NFL game?

        Vigil: "I've never been to an NFL game my whole life."

What do you remember about the Armed Forces Bowl a couple years ago, where you went up against your now-teammate William Jackson?

        Boyd: "First, I just remember a terrible environment — rainy and just not able to get the full competitiveness of each other because of that atmosphere. But he was a great guy. He watched me. We squared off — I won, he won. I know I'm going to be at a place where other great players like to compete, like myself. I'm just happy to be around guys like that."

Nick, can you tell us a little about your off-field interests? The coaches yesterday said you were into roping...

        Vigil: "Yeah. We have a bunch of horses — 14 right now — out at my parents' house. I like to get out and ride them. I like to hunt, I like to fish. I've been doing that since I was little. Anything outdoorsy. Those are kind of my hobbies."

Who do you like to watch on tape? Who do you pattern your game after?

        Vigil: "There's a lot of great players in the NFL. Just to watch good football players is fun to watch. One of my favorite people to watch is Bobby Wagner. He's a Utah State alum. I try to watch a lot of his game. And Luke Kuechly — he's an unbelievable linebacker. He's fun to watch."

Have you watched Vontaze Burfict much?

        Vigil: "Yeah. Great player. Unbelievable player. Intense. Loves to win. Has a passion for the game. It'll be fun learning from him, and trying to learn everything I can from him."

Tyler, who do you like to watch on tape and model your game after?

        Boyd: "Like he said, there are a lot of great players out here that I watch. I'm not saying I play like anybody, but I have a feeling of guys I can relate my game after a little bit — Jarvis Landry, Keenan Allen. Those guys are versatile and move all over the place on offense."

Tyler, you mentioned last night that you were a Steelers fan before being drafted by the Bengals. Have you had a chance to talk to any of your Steeler-fan friends to try to convert them to the Bengals?

        Boyd: "Definitely (laughs). I know my guys are going to always be behind my back no matter what. Some of them may root for the Steelers, but they'll also root for me as well."

Nick, was it a relief to go on Day 2 of the draft and not having to wait through another night of wondering?

        Vigil: "Yeah. I didn't think I'd necessarily go that high. It was the third round, and we were thinking more of the fourth round. When I got the call, it was a good moment for me."

Did you have a party or anything last night?

        Vigil: "My dad wanted to throw a party on Friday, and I said to hold off until I'm actually drafted and something happens. You never know with this whole process. He said, 'OK.' But there still ended up being 20 or so people there. But they're having a big party there today without me (laughs). My mom said that we were going to have to cancel it and move it to Sunday, but my dad said, 'No way' (laughs). They're still partying over there."

Maybe they can just get a life-sized poster of you ...

        Vigil: "(Laughs) Yeah, that's what they said. They said they were going to have to get a cardboard cutout of me."

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