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Bengals Post Game Quotes 8/28


(on being pleased with first half) "I felt good about a lot of things that happened in the first half of the football game. We got the offense in some good situations and got the defense to play a one-minute drive.  That is was what we planned to do."

(on pros and cons) "Tonight's football game afforded us a lot of good situations to coach from going forward. I'm obviously disappointed in the ending of it, to surrender the lead like we did. We had some penalties that allowed drives to continue and third down conversions from those groups that were in there in the second half that enabled them to keep drives going."

(on upcoming cuts) "Now is the unfortunate task of going down to 75 and make some tough decisions going into the last week."

(on injury to Cedric Peerman) "Obviously I don't want to speculate but we have some great guys that can step in.  Obviously he's done a great job for us and maybe guys at other positions will step up. It just changes how we go about things."

(on pre-game injury to Adam Jones) "I think if it was a regular season game, he'd be on the field."

(on performance of starters) "They came in and did what they were supposed to do.  They played winning football and that's what their task is each and every time they go out there. They did a great job of that tonight."


(On what he saw for his touchdown pass) "With the look we had, I felt like we had a chance for a big play. I'm glad it worked out the way it did and we executed it well."

(On making certain audibles, like the touchdown pass, is the best part of his game) "I feel like we do a good job of having good schemes and seeing good looks. I feel like it's a big part of what we do with this offense. Anytime you feel like you can get the team in a good play, we'll have that (result)."

(On if he is counting during the audibles he is making) "Yeah, I feel like it's the looks you're getting. But I felt like we executed it (the touchdown pass) really well. "

(On if he feels good about the season opener if the starters don't play Thursday) "I feel confident with what we have. We'll see what happens on Thursday. But we did some good things and now we have to get ready for September 11th."

(On if it was nerve wrecking week seeing a lot of players go down) "You can't think of it like that. It's unfortunate to see guys go down with head injuries but you can't worry about that. You have to worry about things that you can control. But it's unfortunate that some guys have gotten hurt."

(On the things he wanted to accomplish tonight) "We wanted to be sharp. We wanted to keep having positive plays. The first drive, we got the turnover and we were able to score quickly. We also had a long drive for a touchdown so I felt like we had the opportunity to have both of those situations."

(On if he hoped to pass more to Brandon LaFell) "Obviously. He's done a great job for us. It all depends on the looks we get. We have a chance in the end zone but he got the pass interference call on him. He did get a ball the next series when A.J. (McCarron) was in."


(On 21-3 lead) "We had a strong first half and moved the ball pretty well. The big thing is we came out pretty healthy. The big thing about preseason is getting some snaps and coming out healthy. We were able to do that."

(On the touchdown) "It worked out nicely and I didn't have to do too much to score. I was pretty wide open on the play."

(On three weeks into preseason) "There's always parts we could work on and get better at and I think we will do that going into week one and into the season."


(On leading 21-3 at one point) "We started strong but didn't finish strong. If you don't get that accomplished you come up short. We're pressing for greatness and we can't have the mistakes and missed tackles."

(On how he feels about the team) "Three weeks into the preseason, we are getting better. We need to believe in ourselves."


(On touchdown) "I was able to get inside and A.J. threw a good ball and I made the play."

(On preseason so far) "We feel pretty good and just trying to improve every day. We'll look at this film and look on how we can improve. That's all you can do."

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