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Bengals at Steelers Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Marvin Lewis

Head Coach Marvin Lewis:It's a disappointing end to a football game. We didn't play well enough, early enough and long enough. We really got behind today in field position, making some long fields for the offense and put the defense in some short fields. I thought we did a good job of handling the football game but not enough to get the key stops on third downs to win the football game, pand conversely on offense. Those things played a huge part in the football game, so we have to be better.

Did you think Tyler Boyd's knee was down on the fumble?

I was told it was down even by the officials on our sideline. They didn't see it that way overall, so that's all that matters.

What do you say after that?

Make a lot of positive plays coming up.

Re: Having a lot of third-and-long situations:

It made a difference in the football game. We didn't have enough positives on first down, and we didn't convert the third downs. We converted one or two, but not enough of them that mattered.

Did you consider challenging C.J. Uzomah's knee being down on the Steelers goal-line stand?

I was told he was out of bounds.

Andy Dalton

Andy, how are you feeling? Is this just Bengal-Steelers stuff? Are you alright?

Yea. I'll be alright.

How do you feel leaving the stadium today?

I feel like this will be a good tape to learn from. We have to move past this game. We are playing a really good team next week. Like you said, the Broncos won the world championship last year. We have to take the tape, look at it, and see the areas that we need to improve.

Re: Tyler Boyd's fumble:

You have to put it behind you. You can't let affect what goes on next. I think he will do a good job on doing that.

What were your thoughts while watching the replay? Did you think you were going to get the ball back?

Yeah, I mean I knew it was close. We always have to be prepared to go back out there. We thought we were going to get it but I guess it wasn't enough. I wasn't paying super close attention to the replay but what we heard on the sideline was that we were going to be getting it back.

You thought his knee was down when you looked at it?

I knew it was close. We were prepared to go back out there.

Was gripping the football a problem at all today?

Obviously when it's raining, it is different when it's not raining. I though our guys handled it well. I thought I handled it well. That's part of it.

Re: Steelers' defensive strategy:

That's just how their defense plays. They let the guy catch it and tackle. They are really sound on the way they play defense. They have done a good job with that. We just weren't able to do enough today.

Re: AJ Green:

There were different plays, and at different times, calls to go to different guys. That's just how it was today. There were times when A.J. Green would catch 12 balls and there are other times when other guys will get involved. That's just how it is.

What was more frustrating, the lack of offense or red zone execution?

You want to be good in both areas. Obviously when you're in the red zone, that's where you get points. You want to score touchdowns every time you're down there. It's just part of it.

What do you think about the way Tyler Boyd played in his second NFL game?

I thought he played well. I thought he did a lot of good things. He can't focus on the fumble. Obviously it was a big play in the game, but he has to move past it. That's the way it is. We have another really good team we're going to be playing this week, so you have to move on from it and learn from it. I think he will.

Can you put your finger on why you guys couldn't find a rhythm?

There's not one thing. They did a good job when we were in some third-and-long situations, which make it tough. We just weren't able to convert.

Is this team a work in progress?

I wouldn't say it's a work in progress. We hope guys improve and guys get more comfortable in our offense as time goes on. It's not a work in progress because these are the guys we have and the guys that we're going to try to win games with. I'm confident with everybody we have here. I definitely wouldn't say it's a work in progress.

Re: Red zone struggles:

Different defenses do different things. It's not necessarily timing. It's certain looks that they give you. For us, they defended us well down there.

Re: Hit to the head:

He said he had one step and hit me. I thought it was the other way. It is what it is.

How hard is it to leave here knowing some calls could have changed the outcome of the game?

We were close. I think that's one thing you can say about this team. We fought until the very end. We had an opportunity at the end to go down and tie it. We're playing all the way until the very end. That's something that you can't take away from this team. I feel like our guys have done a very good job of that. Sometimes calls don't go your way, and you have to do whatever you can to overcome it. We were unable to do it today.

Did you think C.J. Uzomah was in?

I thought he was. I obviously didn't see the replay. I didn't know what happened, but they said he only got one foot in. I don't know. I'd have to watch it on film. I know it was close.

Could you put a finger on why you couldn't get the running game going today?

It's hard to say one thing. I think we'll have to look at the tape and see the areas that we need to do better. It's hard to say right now why we weren't able to have as much production as we'd like to have on those runs early in the game.

TE C.J Uzomah

* *

Re: Conditions playing a role in the outcome:

No. That is not a good excuse. They had to deal with the same things that we did. They were just simply the better team today.

Re: Run game:

It's frustrating. I think what we were trying to do against a physical team is tough. But I think that we can figure it out.

Re: Offensive struggles:

We got them in the formations that we thought they were in. Our running game and passing game was good, but we kind of shot ourselves in the foot.

CB Adam Jones

What was the key against Antonio Today?

How many yards did he have today? How many Touchdowns? Looks like we did our job.

* *

How frustrating was it to be on defense today?

My wife called me this morning with a scripture saying to do what I do and let the lord do the rest. I'm content. Whatever you want to write you can write. I know the guys in this locker room. All we can do is keep working hard. When we see them again, we will see. I tip my hat off to Ben and Pittsburgh today. They played a little better.

WR Tyler Boyd

* *

Re: On the fumble:

I should have done a better job with ball security. I still believe I was down but the call didn't say so. All I can do is go out there and keep playing.

Re: Feeling coming back to Pittsburgh:

Felt really good but it felt different since I was the visiting guy this time. At the end of the day I play for the Bengals, and I wanted to perform for my team. I don't have a number for you but I know tons of friends and family were here supporting me.

How do you feel about this team going up next week against the defending Super Bowl champs?

I feel confident about it. We have a top team. I feel like we can compete as a Super Bowl team.

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