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Bengals at Giants Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Marvin Lewis

Opening Statement:

There was an opportunity there in the football game to win the football game. I look up there, and I think first off, third down, on the two sides of the football – offensively we didn't do very good today. We didn't get enough done on third down, and it makes a huge difference. I thought defensively, again, the same thing. They converted some that we can't let conversions happen. But we played at times together, played right, did things right, but we have opportunities on offense to put more points up. We end up having to kick field goals, and that ended up probably being the difference in the football game. If we get touchdowns, especially from the 7-yard line there, an opportunity there. Did good things on offense, but not enough, and obviously, we've still got to protect the quarterback better all the way through.

Q: In the red zone, obviously one of those was Tyler (Boyd). He was close to getting that one. You've seen that, you're familiar with the rule and all that. Were you considering a challenge or anything?

A: He's got to come down with the football. You know the answer, so there's no reason to ask the question. But again, that's an opportunity there – just finish the play. We execute the play, we've got to, as football players, part of what we've got to get done is to hold on to the football there.

Q: Looked like Andy Dalton was running for his life most of the night.

A: He got some plays where he got forced out, and different people, responsibility-wise, they got up the field some on us, so we've got to have some things to counteract those things at times.

Q: It looked like on the one where (Jeremy) Hill got stopped just short there towards the end, it looked like you were holding the flag. Were you thinking about it? Or just waiting to hear?

A: Well, waiting to hear what we think.

Q: They got 122 yards rushing; that's not their strength. Did they do something different today?

A: Well, they hit the one run in the fourth quarter, they got down before they scored the touchdown there, then they hit the run at the end of the game. You probably had 40 yards on those two plays, but they did give us a few different looks at runs they hadn't necessarily majored in prior to the game, but I would say that probably two of those, probably 40 of those yards came on those couple plays. Then, the quarterback had a run that was a 10 yard run.

Q: It seemed like the offense moved. The Giants were then able to come back.

A: The offense moved and the defense stopped them. We just didn't do it for 60 minutes and win the football game. It was a game that went back and forth and we didn't win the back and forth enough.

Q: Are you pleased with the way you contained Beckham? He did score a touchdown on you.

A: I don't know. Again, it's a football game and a football team.

QB Andy Dalton

Q: I guess we can start with the near touchdown to Tyler (Boyd). You guys have seen the catch from here before. What was your angle on that, and did you feel like it was six?

A: I didn't have a great angle on it. I know the ball moved around a little bit, but I tried to argue to the ref to call a touchdown and then review it. I didn't, I couldn't even see a replay, so I don't know how it all happened.

Q: Frustrating because the red zone played such a huge role tonight. Literally an inch from this game being dramatically different. I mean a one-point game and that's probably it right there.

A: Yeah, I mean, if that's a touchdown, it's 24-21, so you've got to find a way to get it done.

Q: What was your view of that, Andy. Did you think he was in?

A: Yeah, I was just saying I didn't have a clear view of it. I thought he was in, but again, I didn't see the ball move, I didn't see how the catch went down so, again I didn't see a replay, so I couldn't really tell how it happened.

Q: The one sequence where you had the ball on the 7-yard line, it looked like your best shot was where you got (Tyler) Eifert on (Landon) Collins.

A: Yeah, we had that matchup and Collins won that one and so, we had a chance to make a play. Again, at the end of the day we weren't able to make the plays we needed to at those times.

Q: Did that play just kind of, like a millisecond of timing, because you had just kind of missed that buzz and that ball just went right by him on the back shoulder?

A: Yeah, it was a timing thing and, yeah, we were close. We were close.

Q: Were you shooting for his back shoulder or were you trying to throw it up?

A: Yeah, I mean it was one of those things, one-on-one, and didn't make the play.

Q: In general, you guys were really moving the ball until about right about mid-way in the third quarter and just could never. Was it a matter, you think, of getting that first play to get the movement going on offense? Or did they do something different?

A: Yeah, we just weren't able to flip the field position and we kept getting, we got pinned back, and then we got third down, third and short, and we weren't able to get that first down. We missed it by a couple inches, so it's like we just needed that one play to get us going and we never got it.

Q: What was your thought process at the end of the first half?

A: We were trying to move the ball as deep down and far as we could. The time kept going off. We had a chance to throw a Hail Mary at the end.

Q: What's the frustration level coming off a tie and a one-point loss?

A: We have to find a way to flip the switch. Get these games and turn them into wins rather than a tie in London, and a one-point loss here tonight. We have to take a good, hard look at what we're doing and correct the things that are hurting us.

Q: This is essentially the same team you've had for 3-5 years. Is there any explanation for why this year the results are different?

A: That's what we're trying to figure out now. We're trying to figure out what we need to do to have these outcomes be different. There's not one explanation for it.

Q: Third down was kind of a nemesis for you tonight. Anything they did differently on third down?

A: We were in too many third and longs. That hurt us. They can drop back and sit in zones and take away some of the things down the field. We have to be better. We have to be in third and manageable situations, to be third and short, to help that cause.

Q: How did they handle A.J. (Green)?

A: They mixed it up. He wasn't in one-on-one all the time. I feel like they had help on him. But, then again, they kept changing their coverages.

Q: The interception - was it overthrown, trying to squeeze it in? What happened on that play to Collins?

A: It was one of those things. It was a one-on-one with Tyler and the linebacker and Collins did a good job of getting over the top. We were trying to get the ball down the field and he made a good play. Where he ended up being and where the ball was thrown was different.

TE Tyler Eifert

Q:  Why didn't things click today?

A: I don't know why it didn't. We get in those positions and we believe we're going to find a way to move the ball and win the game for our team. The defense gave us the ball back, so we were confident that we were going to move the ball down the field and get in the end zone. I don't know why we didn't.

Q:  Can you talk about the 71-yard play in the first quarter?

A: It was a good design by the coaches, and they played it how we wanted them to. Andy put a good ball up. It was overall a good play.

Q: You guys had your share of big plays throughout the game, but never got anything going. What were they doing?

A: I don't know what they were doing really. We never really got in that rhythm really.  We had a couple good plays here and there, where we thought we were going to break it open, but we never could sustain it.

Q:  Why are you guys not able to execute on a regular basis this season?

A: I don't know. We just have to get better. We work hard in practice, and we're playing hard. We just got to find a way to make plays, and we're not doing that right now.

Q: How disappointed is this effort coming off a bye week?

A: I'm honestly just happy to get back to football. It's a lot of time off and it's a Monday night game. Obviously, time to prepare was not a problem. We just got to be better. Everybody just has to step up and take accountability.  Some guys had good games, some had bad games, but it doesn't matter. We just have to find a way to get better.

Q: Do you guys feel like time is running out to get this season back on track for a potential playoff move?

A: It's a long season, but obviously, it's getting shorter. We're not too far back to where we can't find a way to get into the playoffs. So we just have to keep our heads down, keep playing hard and control what we can control. We have to work on winning games, and when we do that, we'll put ourselves in a winning position.

Q: You and Andy improvised on a play late in the game. Did you feel like some momentum was going your way after that play?

A: Late in the game and convert a third down. We didn't have enough first downs. We didn't find ways to do that enough. I don't know what it is. We have the same guys. We just have to find ways to make plays.

RB Jeremy Hill

Q: Inaudible

A: We're doing some good things. I don't think we're doing great things otherwise we'd be winning. We have to be more consistent throughout the course of the game and give ourselves a better chance to win otherwise we'll keep losing.

Q:  You had the lead in the third quarter. Was there anything that changed?

A: That TD play. That was a big play in the game. We knew it was a touchdown but obviously it wasn't. I just feel like we didn't move the ball after that. I don't know what it was. I got to look back at it and see.

Q: You guys have seen that catch rule before. What's your take on it?

A: I don't think anyone really understands it completely. I don't think it's science. I think we just played our play and it's up to the referee's discretion. That's the way it is so we have to go with whatever they call and keep playing.

Q: The second to last play it came up close but short. Did you think you had it?

A: The refs said I didn't get it, so I didn't get it.

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

A: How do you guys feel about losing this game?

A: At the end of the day, winning feels a lot better than losing.

Q: Can you gauge the level of frustration you guys have right now?

A: I'm pretty sure everyone in this locker room is frustrated. We gave it our all, but today we just fell a little bit short. Good credit to them. They're a good team, but at the end of the day, we should have won this game.

Q: On your interception, what did you see there?

A: I just saw the ball and tried to make a great play. I just broke on the ball.

Q:  Compared to last year, do you guys feel like your best isn't almost good enough this year?

A: Not really. I still feel like we controlled the game. There were plays out there that we should have made and we just didn't make them. But the frustration for me is very high right now, because I don't care about interceptions. The only thing I care about winning. I've been winning ever since I started playing this game. For us not to win this game that we needed, it's heartbreaking.

Q: How do you guys feel about the way you played Odell Beckham today?

A: I don't know. I haven't seen the stats. At the end of the day, he scored. So we didn't complete our goal as a DB unit, that's what we wanted to do. We wanted to keep him out of the end zone. But credit to him, he's a great friend of mine.  We see each other a lot in the off-season. There's nothing but respect for him. He played his heart out today.

Q: Do you guys feel like you're running out of time to turn this season around?

A: Yes, we're running out of time. At the end of the day, with some of the teams losing, that puts us in a decent situation. But we have to get our wins. We have to execute when the opportunity is there. We dropped one today.

OT Andrew Whitworth

Q: In the past, you guys managed to pull these close games out, why have the results been different this season?

A: It's an easy answer, it's the NFL all these teams get better and worse every year too and you know I could go back over the last 5 or 6 years and as good as people think we have been there have been a lot of games that we eked out at the end, another team made a mistake and we got a lucky break that went our way, that's NFL football. I still feel that way about 2010. I thought that team was a much better team than the 10 game losing streak we had. It was the same kind of situation, it just never seemed to go our way. I think with this team though, the character we have, we can keep our heads down and keep working and turn this thing around.

Q: The penalties, I think you had 9 penalties and they only had 2?

A: Yea, we messed up on that. We had a couple that hurt us. It was unfortunate, a bad break, but the reality is when you lose, you point out every single thing in the world and try and make it an issue. The truth is if we score touchdowns in the red zone this is a whole different game.

Q: You think it's possible this team might lack the killer instinct?

A: I don't think that's the right word, I think that's a notion teams get when they win a game it's like when you play a game, the team that won made all the right decisions and the team that lost made all the wrong decisions. The reality is this is a sport, everybody is really good everybody is getting paid a ton of money to play this game as well. They are going to make plays, the ball is going to bounce their way. For us we just have to keep finding a way to put our best on the field and hopefully out-execute teams to the point that the ball will be in our possession and we will find a way to win.

New York Giants

Head Coach Ben McAdoo

Nice team win tonight; we know it's tough to win in this league. I thought we stayed the course through all the ups and downs in the ball game, there were quite a few. Defense got to the quarterback at the end of the ball game. Offense ended it with four minutes, which was encouraging for us. Special teams had some opportunities and they pinned them back in the ball game to help with field position. We have to enjoy it fast, it's a short week, then we're on to Chicago. 

* *

Q: Can you take us through the decision to go for it on fourth down?

A: We knew it was going to take touchdowns to beat this team, it's a good football team and we felt like we needed to score touchdowns. 

* *

Q: Your team got some sacks tonight and although you've said that stats are for losers, how great did it feel to finally get some production?

A: When I said stats are for losers, what I really meant was you have to dig deeper than just the numbers to get some quality information. It was nice to get home on the quarterback. I thought we made a move even early in the game, and at the end it was good to finish it off. 

* *

Q: What do you think was the different with the running game?

A: We kept at it. We had more plays in the ball game so we had more attempts, so that was helpful. The more attempts you get in the run game, the more you get a chance to get guys in a rhythm. Not just the back, but the guys up front. I thought we played with some physicality. 

* *

Q: The fourth down call, was it close for you or did you know right away that you were going for it?

A: We were going for it. 

* *

Q: The fact that the win came in front of Tom Coughlin, was that more meaningful?

A: It was an honor to work for Tom. I was happy to see him get into the Ring of Honor tonight. I didn't have a chance to talk to him yet; hopefully I get to do that before we leave. 

* *

Q: When Brett Jones went down, do you think guys like Marshall Newhouse stepped in well?

A: We rolled a bunch of guys in there up front tonight and they did a nice job. 

* *

Q: Did Marshall work much at guard this week?

A: He's been working at a lot of different positions, but he's played a lot of football, too. We thought he was going to be the first guy in for us, didn't matter what position it was. He has a lot of experience under his belt and it showed. 

* *

Q: You won the opening coin toss and elected to take the ball, what went into that?

A: You're playing against a veteran quarterback, a good quarterback coming off a bye week, who had the chance to watch a lot of film on you. Just wanted to come out and jump start the offense and see if we could get them playing a little slow defensively after a bye week. That was the thought behind it. 

Q: What can you say about Brad Wing and how important it was to get Cincinnati deep to prevent them from going on fourth and short situations?

A: Brad is a weapon for us, I said that earlier in the season. We have a lot of confidence in him in pinning the opponents back deep and he did that for us tonight. 

* *

Q: At the end of the game, you were able to break out some big runs, what worked at the end of the game with that?

A: Fundamentals and physicality. We were physical, we had some more attempts at the plate, which always helps, and we got into a bit of a rhythm there. 

* *

Q: To see your offense maintain possession at the end, was that a big boost for them?

A:  It was a big boost for the locker room. To be able to finish the game in four-minute says a lot about your team, says a lot about your offense, says a lot about their physicality. 

* *

Q: How promising is that to get the pass rush, get the ball back and put it away?

A: This is one week. We're humble in victory. It was nice to go out and get a win and we've got to get ready for next week. 

* *

Q: In the absence of Victor Cruz, how do you feel Tavarres King and Roger Lewis Jr. did?

A: They had some good moments. It'll be interesting to go back and watch the film. We had a couple of opportunities to make plays down the field that we didn't come up with, so we'll have to go back and take a look at it. 

* *

Q: On that first interception, did Lewis need to get the ball there or was the throw off target?

A: I want to see that on film before I comment. 

* *

Q: Jason Pierre-Paul got shaken up at the end, is he okay?

A: I'll have to go back to the locker room and check, I haven't received any injury reports yet. 

* *

Q: Landon Collins had another pick tonight, what has been the biggest thing that's helped improve his game?

A: More reps, playing more games, got a lot of time as a rookie, that helps. He's seeing things cleanly, seeing things clearly, watching the ball hit his hands and catching them.

DB Olivier Vernon

Q: You guys haven't had the opportunity to be on the sideline and watch the offense close out  … how different of a feeling was that for you guys?

A: I mean when you get in a game like that, that is perfect right there. We know it's not always going to be like that, so we just got to take that right there and be grateful and go on to the next one.

Q: What was it about what you guys were doing that enabled you guys the end of the game most people would get tired. You guys played the best that you could.

A: We just played backs against the wall. We knew we couldn't let them score on us. If we let them score on us, game over.

Q: A couple of the guys mentioned the idea of a championship effort in that second half. Do you feel like you guys played like this was a playoff type game in the second half?

A: We knew coming in this is a playoff team. They got that type of caliber players on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. We knew with them coming into our house we had to play football. We had to play Giant football.

Q: Did you sense that you were able to wear their offensive line down a little bit when you were really starting to pressure them but you got there in the fourth quarter an awful lot?

A: Our main objective was stopping the run. We knew they were going to run the ball a lot and knew it was going to be a grinding game and at the end of the day we had to hold it down as defense.

Q: What was the key for you guys doing such a good job in those third down situations?

A: Everyone standing on the keys, doing what they had to do. Basically doing their job and we had a good outcome.

Q: Back to back sacks at the end of the game, how did that feel?

A: We expect anybody on the defense to make plays. We've got a lot of play makers that can do special things. To come out with a win, it was a great performance. We've got a lot to look forward to next week.

S Landon Collins

Q: The last couple games, the defense was on the field at the end of the game. Today, you were watching the offense run out the clock. What does that feel like?

A: It's a great feeling. That's what our offense does. They make sure they seal the game. It's a great feeling to watch on the sideline and watch them ball.

Q: It was different for this season, right?

A: I mean, it feels good. That's all I can say.

Q: It sounded like the fans were chanting your name in the fourth quarter, did you hear that?

A: No. I was more focused on the field. I couldn't hear.

Q: What does that mean to you to have that kind of recognition?

A: It means that I'm doing a great job of what I do. I'm being accountable. Last year, I had a bad season. I'm making up for it this season.

Q: Talk about your interception?

A: Really, (Andy) Dalton stared down the tight end. I knew it was coming. They ran a double-dig. All I had to do was move over to the tight end. No one was coming vertical to my outside. The tight end was coming up the field and Keenan (Robinson) just made him throw it over the top. I just came over.

Q: From the seven yard-line you stopped them three times. It was a good defensive sequence, wasn't it?

A: Yes, it was. We try to be one of the top defenses that can't get scored on or a defense that is hard to score on. That's what we try and prove every week. That's what we harp on.

Q: How proud are you of this defensive unit?

A: Very proud. We didn't do this last year. We're doing it when it matters most now.

Q: Four wins in a row, how great is this team playing?

A: Team is playing as one. We're playing as a unit and playing sound. We're playing every week as a whole. We're taking it week-by-week and getting better.

Q: What does it mean to keep up with other teams in the NFC East?

A: It's a great feeling because we're proving a point that we're a team to reckon with.

Q: You guys are good in the red zone. What is the mindset when you get inside the 20?

A: Not to let them score. Just not to let them score. Cause a turnover, get the ball back to our offense or make them kick a field goal. Either one of those. That's the outcome we're trying to do when we're down there.

Q: Is this defense getting better every week?

A: Every week. We're playing sound, great, together and as one. No one is fighting each other. We're all getting to the ball.

Q: What's the biggest difference in your game this year compared to last year?

A: Knowing the defense. Knowing the defense, being sound and accountable. Making sure I make the right calls. Being in the right position.

Q: What parts of last year stick with you and drive you?

A: Just not being accountable. Not making the right calls and not being in the right position. Being out leveraged and stuff like that.

Q: Did you see this coming for yourself?

A: No. I prayed on it and I thank the Lord for everything that's going for me. He's just blessing me right now.

Q: Four interceptions in three games. Can you remember the last time you had a stretch like that?

A: Never had a stretch like this. Not in college or in high school.

CB Janoris Jenkins

Q: How do you feel about this win?

A: It was a big win, we needed it. We have to get ready for next week.

Q: You go up against the best receiver on the other team every week but how was it going up against A.J. Green today?

A: He is a great receiver, good hands, and nice route runner. I just go out and do my job. I just play football. I do not worry about shutting anyone down, I just worry about doing my job. That is what I came out and did today.

Q: Landon Collins came up with another pick, what can you say about that guy?

A: Hey man, he is making plays. He is all over the ball. He is the leader for the secondary.

Q: What about the defense coming up with those two sacks at the end to ice the game for you guys?

A: That was big. Those guys are having fun and we do what we got to do to bank in.

RB Rashad Jennings

Q: What did it mean at the goal line that McAdoo had you guys go for it instead of kicking a field goal?

A: Oh, that is huge, we kind of knew and understood what the possibility might be a four down territory so we had a game plan for it. We started them up in the red zone and we knew what matchups we could possibly get and we got to the play and the line did a good job of holding and keeping Eli clean. Execution is everything. Everyone has a good game plan. It comes down to guys making plays. Hats off to them. That's a good team. It feels good to be able to close at home.

Q: When you came back for the second half, was coach Coughlin still talking?

A: He sure was. I was like he is going to be a while. I am going to go and get my warm up in. He forgot about TC time. That was such an honor. I was on the sideline. To be a part of such a historical organization, to watch him get inducted, it means a lot to this city, means a lot to the Giants fans, and something I will be able to take home with me, that experience for the rest of my life.

WR Sterling Shepard

Q: Talk about the play that resulted in the touchdown?

A: It was funny. Eli and I talked about it just yesterday. We were talking about that exact same play. He was telling me different looks on what to do. The first look that we talked about, that was exactly what I saw. I'm just happy I have a smart quarterback in Eli.

Q: Did you know it was coming your way right away?

A: I knew I had a possibility. I'm not the first read on that one but I knew there was a possibility that I was going to get that.

Q: You had dropped one earlier.

A: Yes. I had to get that back. I dropped that third down, which I don't usually drop. I love third down. I blew that one. I was trying to make a move before I caught the ball. I knew I had to get that one back and get in the end zone.

Q: What did it say that you even went for it there?

A: It just says that coach has a lot of trust in the offense. Just trusts us on executing plays. That's what we did.

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