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Bengals at Buccaneers Postgame Quotes



(On the game overall)
"On offense there were some things that we felt good about during the football game, but we have to make plays. We have to make first downs and we can't have those turnovers. We had some opportunities to make plays and we didn't convert. Defensively, we have to make sure we keep coming and we have to tackle them."

(On leaving the starters in until halftime)
"We ran plays so there wasn't a certain point in the game we took them out."

(On turnovers throughout the game)
 "I just said we can't win football games that way like that no matter what."

(On quarterback AJ McCarron's debut)
"We will see how he did on tape – you know, there were some good things he did there. He's playing. We obviously didn't get a good field positon drive, he got backed up and unfortunately the safety took that away from him."

(On more AJ McCarron)
I thought he handled things pretty good today.


(On what bothered him about the game)
"There wasn't any consistency. We turned the ball over and you can't do that. We never got any kind of momentum going, so we obviously have to come out and play better, but it will be a good tape to learn from."

(On the second pick of the game)
"I felt like we needed to get something going and I just slipped it a little high to (tight end) Tyler (Eifert). I have to bring it down, check it down, and not do that. At that point I was trying to pick up a first down and get things going and their linebacker made a good play falling back underneath the receiver, and made me force it high and obviously the safety was in position."

(On the starters staying in the entire first half)
"We had that one drive, there were positive plays in there. We wanted to get the touchdown. Again, we had our chances, but we didn't make the plays. We should've stayed in."

(On the preseason so far)
"Obviously you want to come out and play well every time we're on the field; but it's just preseason these games don't count, but anytime we're out there keeping score we want to win and we want to play well. It is what it is, but glad it happened to us now and hopefully it won't happen to us again."

(On the winning the last preseason game compared to losing this game)
"Yeah, I mean we're playing against a different team, we're playing against different guys, there's different stuff that went on. It went the way we exactly wanted it to last week; that's the game of football. They get paid too. As for us, we have to do a better job of moving the ball and picking up first downs, because we didn't do that early on. Like I said, we'll learn from this tape."

(On improving going forward)
"Yeah, I mean obviously didn't want to come out the way we did, we wanted to come out exactly how we did in the first game, but it didn't happen, so it's how we respond. Again, it's still preseason. We're not satisfied where we're at and we're disappointed with what we did tonight."

(On the loss)
"We all had a hand in it. I have to be smart and check the ball down and AJ has got to catch the ball and Jeremy (Hill) has got to hold onto the football. That's what it comes down to. We know that we can do it; it's routine stuff for us. So we can't let it happen."


(On tonight's game)
"We didn't play well. I didn't play well."

(On preparing for the start of the regular season)
"We got two more games. It's still the preseason, so we just worry about that and worry about Oakland (Week 1) later."

(On how he can improve his role for the team)
"Just make plays, man. Just go out there and make plays."


(On tonight's game)
"We just gotta go watch the film and see what we did wrong, and come out and fix it."

(On Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston's play)
"I mean, you can't take anything away from his play. He did a good job getting prepared for this game, and he's gonna be good, he's gonna be a good quarterback for them (Tampa Bay)."

(On preparing for Cincinnati's next game)
"I can't answer that question right now. We gotta go back and watch film. We prepared for Tampa Bay, so we'll start on that tonight and tomorrow on our day off and see what we're facing."

(On expectations for the season)
"Win. Just go out and compete every day and get a W."


(On his expectations for the upcoming season)
"Our goal for our team, and probably a lot of other teams, is to win the Super Bowl."

(On the goals of himself and the team)
"We can't just start over in the playoffs. We have to earn our way back there"

(On the attributes that he worked on in order to improve)
"It's constantly trying to get better at everything such as strength and explosiveness, catching balls and running routes. Also footwork and placement [when blocking] in the running game."

(On how his role has changed from last season to this season)
"Without Jermaine [Gresham] here, I'm definitely going to have more opportunities…to be a leader on this team and make plays to help us win. I approach it the same way I did a year ago. Keep your head down and keep working every day."

(What he feels the rest of the Bengals team needs to do to get ready for Week 1 at Oakland)
"Our offensive goals don't change. Take care of the football and make plays when they present themselves. Obviously we didn't play the way we wanted to tonight but we have a lot of time before Oakland."


(On his observations during tonight's game)
"We did a lot of things well. We need to come out and start a little faster. Overall, it's a preseason game and you learn and build from it."

(On his expectations for this upcoming season)
"Expectation is to win the Super Bowl."

(On what the Bengals worked on in the offseason to improve)
"Worked on communication, fundamentals and tackling."

(On what can bring him back to his level of being a Pro Bowler)
"I'm focusing on Geno helping his team get better so we can win the Super Bowl."

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